Dear Blog

Sorry I’ve been neglecting you recently. Been busy writing new stuff (yee hah) and editing old stuff (needs must). But I’m back.

I went to see my accountant last week, annual pilgrimage to grovel at his feet, apologise for the woeful state of my finances, offering heartfelt but probably empty promises to do better in future. We had the usual conversation about tax deductible expenses, and imagine my joy when he agreed with me that the money I spend on buying other people’s smutty e-books (by way of research, reviews, keeping abreast of my market, you understand) could be entered in my accounts.

‘What shall I call it?’ I wondered. Would I attract unwelcome attention from the taxman if I list all the titles? We agreed on ‘research materials’. Still, happy days. I’ll be investing heavily in research materials in the future.

Darkening, Book 1 in The Dark Side trilogy, available from Total-E-Bound

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