Linday and Jane’s Views and Reviews give Darkening 3.5 stars


Eva Byrne is eager to start a new life. After being given the position of a live in violin teacher to a young girl she relishes the opportunity of a new start.

After a not so smooth journey from London to Yorkshire she bumps into her employer. Literally!
Nathan Darke, the enigmatic and drop dead gorgeous father to this bright young girl she is about to teach has completely enthralled Eva.
Eva’s instant attraction to Nathan shocks her and she soon becomes lost to his charms.
Relinquishing her inhibitions and her virginity to become a part of his world she takes them both on a journey of self-discovery.
The Dom/Sub genre has been gathering momentum for quite some time now and I always go into these stories with slight apprehension. The ‘Fifty’ similarity is usually evident.
This book is no exception.
The characters in this story have a wonderful uniqueness about them, she is an accomplished academic and he although seemingly rich and successful he is also a loving Father.
Both of them are so well written it was easy for me to see them as I read. They seem to be a formidable match and I look forward to see their story through to the end.
The setting to this story is perfect, the Yorkshire Moors have always held an appeal for me since reading Wuthering Heights and in this book they are described beautifully enabling me to imagine their surroundings in perfect detail.
This book does contain graphic sexual scenes including bondage and caning and is not for the faint hearted. With an intense descriptive I became lost in every emotion both characters were portraying in those scenes.
I am eager to see where this story goes next and I hope it moves away from some of the more obvious similarities to a certain Mr. Grey Trilogy. I want to see this story develop into giving this genre its own unique twist.

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