A FREE book – introducing Nathan, and The Dark Art of Persuasion….

Fancy seeing things from Nathan’s point of view? Check out The Dark Art of Persuasion, available free from Total-E-Bound. Even if you’ve already read Darkening, you’ll still love this.

This is a new experience for Nathan Darke, and he doesn’t like it. Not one little bit. 

Ever since the shy, enigmatic little violin tutor turned up in his home to give private lessons to his daughter, all he can think of is the private performance he’d like to treat her to himself. Eva fascinates and irritates him in equal measure. He’s determined to have her surrender. And he’s not prepared to wait any longer. He’s in a constant state of arousal whenever she’s near, and Nathan is not accustomed to being told no by a woman. This has to be resolved. Soon.
He wants her on her back, tied to his bed, naked. All that and more. But first, he needs to find a way to get past Eva’s timid reserve, convince her that she could submit to him—and love it.
Eva should be easy prey for experienced, dominant Nathan Darke. He can easily intimidate her, command her. But he needs to coax her round to his way of thinking, convince her that she truly wants to explore romance on the dark side. This promises to require all his powers of seduction, usually so effortless. 
Will Eva be able to resist, or will she succumb to the dark art of persuasion?Image

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