The Dark Side gets a little bit Darker… well it is Friday the thirteenth


On general release from Friday 13 September. Meanwhile, here’s another sneak preview…

“You seem nervous, Miss Byrne. That’s good. Now, do as you’re told. Open your mouth.”

I do, and am rewarded with the delicious sensation of a creamy, sweet mousse dropped onto my tongue. The flavour is fruity and tart, the consistency fluffy. I savour the light, crisp taste, then swallow it, licking my lips.

“More, Miss Byrne?”

“Mmm, yes, please. What is it?”

“Mrs Richardson’s special strawberry mousse. A particular favourite of mine. And yours too, perhaps? Open wide…”

I open my mouth to receive another delicious spoonful of Mrs Richardson’s culinary masterpiece, and sigh as the delicious concoction slides down my throat. Christ, that woman knows her way around a pudding bowl. Wonderful. Bliss on a stick, or should that be a spoon?

“More?” I nod, and open my mouth. Nathan obligingly delivers another mouth-watering spoonful.

“Mind if I have some?” His voice is soft, as he whispers against my ear. In my delight at the heavenly taste dancing across my tongue I hadn’t realised he was so close, but I can feel his breath against my neck, and now his fingertips are fluttering down, across my shoulder to my right breast. Lightly, gently, he feathers his fingers across my nipple, then circles more firmly as the little bud hardens and grows under his touch. My breath catches now, my attention snapping back to the sensuality of his caress and the intimacy of this moment. “May I share, Miss Byrne?”

What? Share what? Ah, right, the pudding. “Of course. Yes. But leave some more for me, please.” I’m feeling generous but not stupid.

“So kind. But I don’t want to lick mine from a spoon. I want to lick it from you. From your nipples. Is that okay, Miss Byrne?”

Christ! Fuck! “Yes.”

Yes, please!

He gives a throaty chuckle at my undisguised enthusiasm. A moment later I wince slightly as the chill of the mousse makes contact with my erect nipples, first one, then the other as Nathan carefully, lovingly applies his helping of the dessert to them. The sensation is exquisite, the cool of the dessert and the warmth of his gentle fingertips. Then I gasp and throw back my head as he takes my right nipple into his warm, wet mouth and sucks. Hard. His tongue swirls around, lapping away the sticky mousse. I groan with pleasure as the sensation spikes, sending a bolt of lightning straight to my groin. I feel the wetness between my legs and I shift in the chair, subconsciously trying to create the friction where I need it. Want it.

Nathan lifts his head from my nipple, just gently flicking it with his tongue. “Be patient, Miss Byrne. Keep still. I’ll deal with that in a minute.” And by way of making me wait he takes my left nipple into his mouth, holding it lightly between his teeth as he licks the mousse off. The sensation, and the anticipation of what is to come—please, God!—is overwhelming. I am writhing in my chair, nearly mindless with desire and desperate for some serious attention between my legs. At last Nathan relents, and effortlessly picks me up from my chair and deposits me on the table. He slides me along the surface until my shoulders are flat on the table top, my hands still bound underneath me, my legs bent and my heels on the edge of the polished wooden surface.

“Open wide, Miss Byrne.” I don’t need telling twice and I don’t even pretend not to get his meaning. I spread my thighs for him and scream with pleasure as he smears a generous serving of strawberry mousse all over my clitoris, and the lips of my vagina. Pushing my knee upwards with one hand he raises me slightly so he can even spread the stuff around my anus. I forget to breathe. With no further ado, using both hands now to cup my bottom he lifts me, legs spread wide, and takes a long, slow lick from my anus right up around my vagina and across my clitoris. I scream again, to be rewarded by sweet, intense little nibbles around my clitoris.

My climax punches forward. I am beyond coherent thought, thrusting under his mouth, greedy and grasping for the delight he is offering me. He holds me still, steady, as he continues to lick every part of me and I unravel in his hands. The orgasm starts right there and seems to go on for hours. I hear myself gasping, then screaming again as the sensation spikes and grips me, as he draws every last shiver of sensation from me. Eventually I’m spent and he lowers me back to the table top, allowing me to lie still, my legs still spread wide, and I’m purring with delight.

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