Erotica 2013

I’m really looking forward to The Erotica Show 2013, this weekend 25-27 October in London’s Tobacco Dock. My publisher, Totally Bound will be there with lots of hot erotic romance to showcase – including The Dark Side.

Victoria Blisse and Lucy Felthouse are organising Smut on the Dock, the authors’ corner of the show, with readings, question and answer sessions and of course the chance to meet some real live authors. Like me.

I’m going to be doing some readings from The Dark Side so my kindle is charged up and prepped with lots of steamy excerpts. Train tickets bought, hotel booked. Erotica shopping list finely honed. It’s gonna be a great weekend.

If you’re intending to be there, please look out for me at the Totally bound stall or Smut by the Dock. If you’re not sure but thinking about it, and if you’re within a day’s march of London, well, there are worse ways of spending a chilly October weekend. Go for it.

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