Fabulous Four Star Review for Darkening, by Erin at Paranormal Reads

darkening_800Another fabulous review for Darkening, Erin at Paranormal Reads gave Four Stars.

“I have to admit this one was a tough one to review. In the beginning I was a little nervous that I was going to be reading another version of a certain book named after varying shades of a dull color. It was certainly how the book started. However, I ended up pleasantly surprised that this was not the case.

Don’t get me wrong…this book is extremely erotic! It also had many of the same elements (and toys). But this also had a good story with characters I really liked. The author got creative with each sex scene (which there were plenty of), and I didn’t feel like I was reading the same scene each time, nor was it awkward writing. It was really well written.”

Check out the rest of Erin’s review on Amazon

You can get hold of Darkening, and the resat of the books in The Dark Side series, at

Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.com  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance  Sony  Kobo

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