Early downloads and groaning bookshelves – busy, busy, busy….

I’m having a really busy time just now, as the third book in the Sure Mastery series goes on general release at the end of this month. As well as the Black Combe books, I also have a short story in Totally Bound’s Paramour Anthology. Re-Awakening went on early download last week, and is due to go on general release on 7 February, and a separate full length novel The Three Rs went on early download today. The Three Rs is the second novel in Totally Bound’s new What’s Her Secret imprint so expect to see a lot more of that over the coming weeks. It’s on general release, in ebook and print, on 14 February.

You can find all these on Totally Bound

thethreers_800 (3)And check out this amazing cover. For non-UK readers, the statue is The Angel of The North, a massive piece by Anthony Gormley which overlooks the A1 in Tyne and Wear, the main road linking London and Edinburgh. It’s the most viewed piece of art in the UK, seen by thousands of motorists and rail passengers every day.

And if that’s not enough, a lot of my print releases have been brought forward. Darkening and Darker are already out in print, but Darkest joins them today. The first book in Sure Mastery, Unsure, also comes out in print today and the next two will be out by 7 February. My mum’s bookshelves will be groaning.

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