A little more Surefire Spanking

surefire_800It’s the weekend again so time for another delectable Saturday Spank. This week I’m sharing another snippet from Surefire – I’ve found a rich bottom-tingling vein here so I’m sticking with it a bit longer. On this occasion Ashley and Tom are back in the barn making good use of the hay bales, but this time punishment is not uppermost in either of their minds…

My bottom, indeed my whole body, feels to be on fire, the pain rushing through me, filling every nook and cranny and tiny little corner, spilling out and sinking into the hay beneath me, trickling down through my bed of pain. My fists open, my fingers are now spread across the aromatic hay. I imagine myself, my whole being melting, flowing into the prickly bale. I’m weightless, formless, without substance. There’s something I should be doing, something I need to think about, concentrate on. But it’s gone, fluttering away from me. I jerk for some reason, moan softly, jerk again, then I’m still, floating, drifting aimlessly.

I can hear words, just faintly, distant, low and tender. I’m flying, lifting, moving. Gentle hands on my face, fingertips lightly tracing my features. Cool water trickling—a stream? A waterfall? Against my lips. Soft, refreshing. I swallow.

“Ashley, open your eyes, sweetheart. Time to come back now.”

Surefire, book 3 in the Sure Mastery series, went on general release yesterday. You can get your hands on it from Amazon UK, Amazon US, All Romance ebooks, and Totally Bound

I hope you enjoyed visiting Ashley and Tom  again this week. There are dozens more Saturday Spankings on offer – just follow the linky link to enjoy the rest

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