A Re-Awakening Sunday Snog

reawakening_exlargeAn appropriate little excerpt, for a Sunday morning. This is taken from Re-Awakening, my story in Totally Bound’s Paramour collection of short stories, which is on general release from 7 February. Enjoy my offering, but don’t forget to check back at http://blissekiss.co.uk. to enjoy the rest of the Sunday fun and games.

Sunday morning, Imogen woke, stretched, peeled her eyelids back and for one confused moment wondered what the hell she was doing in her best guest bedroom. Then her best guest stirred alongside her, and she remembered. Remembered vividly how he’d spanked her, clamped her nipples—which were still slightly sore, she noted—and gone on to fuck her virgin arse. Christ, what a weekend. What a gloriously awesome weekend. And it wasn’t even over yet.

Lifting the duvet to peek beneath, she was delighted to see he was already semi-erect, and she silently thanked any deity who might still be listening to her for that convenient morning hard-on. What an excellent quirk of Creation. And not to be wasted. Kneeling alongside her sleeping prey, Imogen took the time to admire his cock. He was truly beautiful.  Everywhere, but particularly here. She trailed her fingers along the length of his shaft, enjoying the veined contours, loving the silky softness and the hardening strength beneath. She ran her fingertips along the crease below the wide, flaring head, and was rewarded by a slight twitch. Then another, not so slight, and she glanced up. His eyes remained closed, but he was clearly responding. As his cock hardened and swelled before her eyes, Imogen leaned in, drew the tip of her tongue over the seeping slit. The pre-cum already starting to flow tasted salty, and she licked her lips before opening her mouth wider and taking just the head inside. She lapped her tongue around it, collecting more of that salty juice she loved. Zack surged to full size and stiffness, and she knew he was awake.

Sure enough, “Fuck, Gennie, is this what Dales hospitality means by bed and breakfast? Does the Tourist Board know?”

Imogen lifted her head, turned to grin at him. “I’m thinking of adding it to my entry on Yorkshire.com. Would it help trade, do you think?”

He swore again, then, “Christ, yes. You’d have a queue as far as Skipton.”

“Excellent. Maybe I should sell them ice cream as well.”

His next expletive was muffled behind his forearm as he laid it across his face, and Imogen took that as her cue to pick up where she’d left off.

Re-Awakening is in good company in the Paramour collection. We’re snuggled up with hot and sexy short stories from three other fabulous authors.  Check out Raspberries and Wine by Ayla Ruse, Maestro by Elizabeth Coldwell and Lucky Fall by MK Schiller

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