My Sexy Saturday – Whipping up a little Sure Mastery

surething_exlargeIt’s Saturday again, and a tad chilly here in the UK. This week’s Sexy Saturday snippet might help warm you up. It’s taken from Sure Thing, the second book in the Sure Mastery series, when Tom introduces Ashley to his whip collection. Sizzling! LynnSexySaturday_button

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“Do you want to stop, baby?” There was concern in his tone, in his eyes too.

He tipped my chin up, holding my gaze when I would have looked away. I shook my head, foolishly probably. This was more, much more, than I anticipated. It was too much. “No, I want to continue. Just, give me a few more moments, please.”

He nodded, trickled more water into my mouth. “Take as much time as you need. Tell me when you’re ready.” I swallowed desperately, struggling to re-gather my shattered wits, then, “I’m okay now.”

Moments later the whip landed again, and my back once more exploded in an agony of fire. I screamed, but managed not to plead for more time. The next stripe landed, and I desperately regretted my hasty decision. Tom paused, giving me time to use my safe word. I bit it back, refusing to be defeated. He raised his whip again, and even before I heard the whoosh of the lash snaking through the air I screamed it at him, “Smithy’s Forge!”

The whip never landed, and the next instant I was face down on the bed, my wrists freed. I was sobbing, from the pain, definitely, but as much from the sting of defeat. Tom lifted me, hauling me up against his chest while I cried, my fingers clutching his shirt. His hands were in my hair, loosening the knot as he held my head against his shoulder. With his other hand he was lightly caressing my back, and I flinched, expecting to feel pain at his touch against my tender, abused skin but there was none. Soreness, yes, but that was all. I was still shaking but no longer scared.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered my apology, my sense of failure overwhelming.

“Idiot. You’ve nothing to be sorry about. This is difficult, I know that, but you’ll get there. You safe worded and that’s good, it shows me you’re learning how to do this stuff, how to keep yourself safe.” I could hear the grin in his voice and welcomed his reassurance even if I didn’t quite believe it. Yet. His quiet words of acceptance, of forgiveness, were more than I could deal with. I was suddenly weeping in earnest, huge racking sobs. Tom didn’t try to stop me, just lay back on the bed with me draped on top of him. He held me and let me get it all out of my system. Eventually I was quiet, calm again. He rolled me gently onto my back, leaned over me, his smile soft. He wiped my tear-stained face with a tissue, kissed me, smoothing my tangled hair from my face.

If you liked this snippet you can get your hands on the rest of the series at the usual places.  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance  Sony  Kobo


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