Sexy Snippets – A Peep at Re-Awakening

reawakening_exlargeZack made no attempt to conceal his interest as Imogen stood just a couple of feet from him and slowly peeled off her clothes. First the neat, crisp white blouse, followed by her tan Chino’s. In just bra and briefs, she stopped, glanced at him, silently seeking approval. He didn’t disappoint, his eyes glinting with undisguised lust as he surveyed her small, trim body. Imogen silently rejoiced that she’d always managed to stay fit, kept in shape. Cycling was hard work, but it did wonders for her bum. So did a heavy leather belt, come to think of it, and it looked like today she was going to enjoy the benefit of both.

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This snippet is taken from Re-Awakening, my short story released a couple of days ago as part of Totally Bound’s Paramour collection featuring older women and dominant younger men. Yummy stuff.

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