Book Tour and Giveaway – The Three Rs

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The Three Rs is a hot and sexy story set in the north of England. When Abigail Fischer unexpectedly inherits a share in a construction company from a man she’s never met the sparks soon fly. Why would James Parrish have any interest in her, let alone leave her his business in his will? And James’ nephew, Cain Parrish, is even more baffled. Not to mention he’s also mad as hell about it. Parrish Construction is his firm, he’s built it and worked for it. He’s not about to let a perfect stranger snatch it away from him.

He’s keen enough to share his bed with Abigail, and what’s an erotic spanking between business partners? But he doesn’t trust her and he wants his company back. Abigail dislikes Cain on sight, and she wants nothing to do with him or his building firm. But when she’s left with no choice but to join Cain in Parrish Construction she starts to warm to him, not least as they both prefer their sex to be of the not exactly vanilla variety.

thethreers_800 (3)But Abigail has a secret. A big secret she’s managed to keep for most of her life. How long before Cain works out what she’s trying so desperately to hide? And how will he react when he does?

You’ll be rooting for her from beginning to end in this fast-paced erotic romance, with a twist in the tail.

You can get your hands on The Three Rs from  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance  Sony  Kobo  BookStrand

And look out for the promotional giveaways on Facebook.

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