“If you let me have control, if you trust me, I will take care of you. You will have what you need.”

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Second chances don’t come along that often. But when they do you grab them with both hands, right? And hold on tight.

The Three Rs – hot, sexy romance set in the north of England

Facebook Party 28 February, 21.30-23.30

Join Abigail on a physical and emotional journey as she unexpectedly inherits a share in a thriving construction business – a windfall that sets in motion a chain of events that bring her head-to-head with new and reluctant business partner, Cain Parrish.

Uprooted from a dead-end job, Abigail is quickly drawn to her dominant partner who seems attuned to her most secret desires AND her shameful secret that she’s managed to conceal all her life.

As their relationship blossoms, so Abigail’s secret threatens to jeopardize their business and their happiness.

The 3 Rs will have you rooting for Abigail from start to finish. Take this bitter sweet journey with her and enjoy how the sparks fly in this tantalizing tale of burning passion.

You can get your hands on The Three Rs from Amazon.co.uk Amazon.com Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble All Romance Sony 

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