My Sexy Saturday – A First Kiss from The Three Rs

Today’s Sexy Saturday moment is taken from The Three R’s. LynnSexySaturday_buttonThis is the first kiss between Cain and Abigail, the prelude to her introduction to the beneficial effects of an erotic spanking. Enjoy.

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thethreers_thumbnail“Kiss me, Miss Fischer.”

To the best of my recollection, I’ve never initiated a kiss before. And definitely never with such a beautiful man. Are men beautiful? This one certainly is. And enticing. I place my hands on his face, my palms covering his cheeks. The ever-present designer stubble slightly abrades my skin, and it feels sensual, intimate. I flex my fingers, and he smiles at me again, that eyebrow lifting slightly as he waits. I drop my face forward, slowly, and place my mouth ever so carefully across his.

His hands are at my waist, and he makes no attempt to pull me in or deepen the kiss. For now, this is my show, and he lets me set the pace. I’m grateful, it gives me the space to think, to adjust, to melt into the mood. I open my lips slightly, feathering them across his mouth. He holds still, letting me explore, letting me take my time. I have no idea what constitutes ‘good’ kissing, but instinctively I open my mouth a little wider and use the tip of my tongue to stroke the seam of his lips. He responds to that signal, and I find I can slip my tongue between his lips. He tastes quite, quite wonderful, of coffee and wine, and sweet lust.

I can’t claim, genuinely, to have tasted lust previously, but I’m pretty certain this is it. I dip my tongue farther into his mouth, exploring his teeth, tangling with his tongue, loving the way his lips have opened and are now sweeping sensuously across mine as he joins in the kiss. I’m combing my fingers through the soft waves of his hair, and suddenly I’m turning towards him, standing briefly, then straddling him as I’m gripped by a desire to get closer. My loose fitting calf-length skirt is bunched around my knees now, and as I shift forward I can plainly feel his erection under me. He’s as aroused as I am, it seems. He drops his hands from my waist, but only to grasp the soft woollen fabric of my skirt and tug it backwards from under me, gathering it at the back of my waist. Now, only my underwear and his jeans separate us, and my pussy is rubbing against his solid length. I’m rocking against him, loving the friction and desperate for more. I want him to…what?

Touch me? Yes. Undress me? Yes, that too. Fuck me? Oh, please…

“Ready now, love?”

He’s pulled his lips fractionally back from mine, just enough to be able to murmur the words. I can only groan and nod, before laying my forehead against his. In a few moments I’ve gone from a blushing, more-or-less innocent girl to a voracious sex kitten. And he’s hardly laid a hand on me yet, nor anything else.

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