My Sexy Saturday – A little piece of Carrot and Coriander

My Sexy SaturdayToday’s sexy seven paragraphs are from Carrot and Coriander, due out on 21 March. Our two have just met, and the heat is starting to rise

When she returned twenty minutes later she saw immediately that his van was still there, under the trees at the side of her house.  

Not that she cared, of course. Not that she was taking notice.

The sound of running water upstairs met her as he let herself and Jacob in the front door. Jacob needed a wee so she took him upstairs to the loo. Could have used the one downstairs, but still…

And that was how she came face to face with a bare-chested, absolutely beautiful young man on her landing, his hair dripping onto his sharply chiselled shoulders and torso, his bare toes curling in her shag pile. His jeans were zipped but unbuttoned, and he looked about as disreputable as anyone she’d ever encountered. Especially on her upstairs hallway.

Callum had emerged from the bathroom still thinking he had the house to himself. He kept a bag of clean, well, not too dirty, clothes in his van and had been on his way to find a different T-shirt to wear when he met Rachel at the top of the stairs. He noted she appeared rather more startled than she had any right to be—she knew he was here at least. Must have, his van was not exactly hidden under the doormat. He was the one taken by surprise.

Not so Jacob. “Hello,” said the small boy brightly, rushing past Callum on his way to the toilet, as though half-naked strangers appeared regularly in his home. Callum was irritated and more than a little surprised at his hostile reaction to that possibility, but decided it was none of his business. Still, it could be. Soon would be if she didn’t stop staring at him. Had he grown an extra head? Or maybe it was his dick with a mind of its own, once more threatening to poke its own head out of the top of his jeans. He hastily fastened the button, but that just served to draw her attention.

And she saw. And blushed. Bright crimson. Wow, he liked that. A lot.

carrotandcoriander_800“Mummy! Mummy! Need soap.” Jacob’s shrill little voice echoed along the landing.

For a moment Rachel looked confused, then, “Hold on, I’m right here.” Her eyes carefully averted she managed to pass Callum without actually touching him, and headed to the rescue. Watching her scurry along the landing Callum smiled to himself. Hell, he knew that look, knew exactly what was coming. Or should that be who?

Not now though, not today, with the little lad around. But soon. Very soon. 

Check out the lovely cover too – one of my favourites.

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