Saturday Spanking, more from The Three Rs

Sat Spanks logoYee hah, it’s the weekend again. So that means spank time. This week’s slap-up offering comes from The Three Rs.

This snippet is pinched from the bonus chapter, only available when you get the book direct from Totally Bound.

… amazingly, as the first stunned shock of being spread out and revealed so totally starts to recede, so does my panic. I find I can manage to drag in a few breaths, and I can even think, after a fashion.

I blurt out the first thing on my mind, “You can see me, and touch me; all of me.”

He chuckles, and his soothing touch shifts to the top of my inner thigh, hovering at the crease between my leg and my pussy. I’m holding my breath again, waiting. He trails his finger lazily thethreers_thumbnailalong the edge of my cunt, tracing the outer lips. “I always could. And in this position I can spank you too. How convenient. Would you like that spanking now, Abbie? Would it help to relax you? I warn you though, this time I intend to slap your cunt too.”

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10 thoughts on “Saturday Spanking, more from The Three Rs

  1. P spanking always ups the ante. This snippet also has a real “UK” flavor to it which for some reason makes it even sexier.


  2. The Three Rs is about Dominance and submission, spanking, all that. It’s also about the perils of not being able to read in 21 century UK and Abigail’s attempts to hide her lack of literacy


  3. Mmmm. Kind of partial to that kind of spanking 🙂
    Intriguing subject matter, illiteracy and D/s.
    Oh and I do like the Angel of the North – great piccie for a cover.


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