Emotion, passion, hot sex and D/s bonding…

reawakening_exlargeFilled with emotion and passion, Re-Awakening will take you on Imogen and Zack’s journey. Between the hot sex and D/s bonding, I found myself drawn into their world. I was sad for Imogen’s loss but excited for her new life. Zack, despite his youth, is the perfect gentleman Dom for her. Not only does he fill her sexual needs but her emotional as well. That little tidbit there is why I love Ms. Barker. She doesn’t leave it all about the physical. She always touches on the emotional aspect. So many times I have found myself laughing and crying over her words. And her sex scenes…Oh-la-la! This quick read is the perfect example of why I enjoy her books so much. Once you’ve had a taste of Ms. Barker’s book, I’m sure you’ll want more. I highly recommend reading Re-Awakening.

Read the rest of the Five Star review on the Jeep Diva. Meanwhile, here’s a little sneak preview

“That’s hard. But six years is a long time. What was his name?”

“Sean.” It was the first time in years that she’d said his name out loud. She glanced around herself, half expecting her Master to materialise, angry and vengeful, ready to discipline her for her disobedience and disloyalty. For allowing this arrogant young Dom to even imagine he might replace him.

“He’s not here, love. There’s just me. And you. And this.” Zack’s voice had softened now, and she heard compassion there. Tenderness perhaps. And wondered why. For her? Why would this young man, this stranger, care about her?

He dropped his hands to his belt buckle, started to draw the leather through the metal. Imogen watched, transfixed.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m about to remind you of all you’ve been missing.”


“Yes, Imogen. It’s time. Long overdue, in fact. You’ve been out of the lifestyle too long.”


“This discussion’s over. Now, you have two choices. One”—he tapped his left index finger with the fingers of his right hand—“you can follow me, now, into your rather classy dining room. Unless I’m mistaken that table in there is mahogany. Yes?”

Imogen nodded. “Yes,” she whispered.

“You’ll look beautiful draped over it. Naked. The stripes left by my belt will be stunning too, laid across your gorgeous bottom. And that’s just the start. We could have a lot of fun together, just you and I, Imogen. And no ghosts of dead sailors.”

Imogen shuddered, would have edged backwards, away from him, but for the sink behind her. As it was, she stood rooted to the spot, staring at him. Her thoughts could best be described as a confused tangle of astonishment, terror and longing. She chewed her lower lip, the vision he painted both mesmerising and utterly out of reach. Decadent. And so very, very seductive. She wanted it. Yearned for it.

“Or, two”—his middle finger joined the first one—“you can stay in here. Carry on making that delicious lamb casserole you promised me. We’ll eat it, enjoy it. I’ll be polite, you’ll be—loyal. To your dead sailor. And on Monday, I’ll be gone and you can go back to pretending everything’s fine in your world of one. But remember this, Imogen. A Dom/sub relationship takes two. This lifestyle of ours is not a solo enterprise. Whatever you decide to do now, your Sean’s gone.”

He stopped, watched her carefully, and she may have detected a hint of compassion in his expression, but couldn’t be sure. Slowly, he got to his feet. He carefully replaced the chair, tucking it neatly under the table.

“I’ll be in the dining room. You’ve got five minutes.”

Imogen turned away, back to her potatoes, her tears now blinding her. She heard the click as the door closed, and moments later she was crouching on the floor, sobbing.

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