The Three Rs – unique, fresh, a sexy hot read

thethreers_800 (3)“Getting to experience Abigail discovering her full sexuality was also really exciting. Despite her lack of experience, she was honest and open about her desires and fantasies. Cain was a pretty spectacular Dom, and it turns out, a wonderful man in general.”


Hot, gritty, and set in the UK. Abigail Fischer’s humdrum life is completely transformed when she finds that she has been left a controlling share of a construction company in the will of a man she has never met. Cain Parrish, the dead man’s nephew, has worked hard for the company and expected to inherit it. He’s outraged that a woman he has never heard of and who has no experience in this field now owns a majority of his company. Despite these feelings, when Abigail and Cain are forced to spend time together, they realize that they are incredibly sexually compatible. But Abigail has a pretty unique personal secret that is becoming more and more debilitating to her and now threatens the future of her company.

The Three Rs is available from all the usual places –  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance  

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