Saturday Spanking – a Taste of Carrot and Coriander

Sat Spanks logoThis week I’m sharing a snippet from Carrot and Coriander, my novella due to go on general release on 21 March, but you can grab it now on early download from Totally Bound. This is Rachel’s first experience of an erotic spanking, indeed any spanking, and she needs a bit of help.

Her body jerked under the first hard slap, on her right buttock. He waited a few seconds, then landed the next, on her left buttock this time. The next two landed on the backs of her thighs, first the right, then the left. Then he stopped to gently massage the throbbing skin.

“Tell me when you’re ready for more.”

A few seconds passed as he smoothed the hurt away, then, “More, please. I’m ready.”

carrotandcoriander_800The next stroke was hard. Deliberately so. She cried out. He waited a few seconds, then delivered another, just as hard. He noticed her bound hands clenching and unclenching in the small of her back, and placed his own palm over them. Her fingers curled around his, and she calmed. He slapped her bottom twice more, each time drawing a whimper of pain from her and leaving vivid red hand prints on her flesh. He was aware she was close to her limit, sensed it. Two more firm, hard strokes, and he knew this was enough. For now. 

Check out the beautiful cover – more awesome artwork from Totally Bound.

Before you rush off, be sure to hop around the rest of this weekend’s spanking snippets. You’ll find them here.

10 thoughts on “Saturday Spanking – a Taste of Carrot and Coriander

  1. I love the cover and the title and am curious about that title actually. I don’t think there was a blurb yet, right? Congrats on the almost release 🙂 sounds like a sexy little story.


  2. He is very sweetly in tuned with her body language and her needs. I love how her took hold of her hands to calm her.


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