A Sexy Snippet from Darkening

Sexy Snippets logoIt’s Sunday so that means roast beef and Sexy Snippets.

Darkening was the first book of mine to be published. It remains close to my heart so I decided to take a snippet from it for this weekend’s sexy seven. In this excerpt Eva has been doing a little online shopping, with some help from Nathan. Enjoy…

… I paid extra for next day delivery, didn’t want to keep you waiting, Miss Byrne. You might have been bored.”

Fat chance of that.

He hands me the scissors, nodding towards the parcel; obediently I set to, slicing through the shiny brown parcel tape. The top flaps spring loose, and a stream of polystyrene balls spill out to dance crazily across the dining room floor. Ignoring the mess, I tentatively reach in. First to emerge is my sweet little U-shaped vibrator, discreetly packaged in a little pink and white cardboard box. ‘Batteries not included.’ Oh, dear…

“I have plenty of batteries, Eva.” Yes, you would.

promotion-Ashe Barker_TheDarkSide

I hope you enjoyed this tiny taste of Darkening. If you want more, all three books in The Dark Side trilogy are available from Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.com  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance  Sony  Kobo

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