Carrot and Coriander – “A great read, with one of the strangest safe words I’ve ever seen”

carrotandcoriander_800“And that was how she came face to face with a bare-chested, absolutely beautiful young man on her landing, his hair dripping onto his sharply chiselled shoulders and torso, his bare toes curling in her shag pile. His jeans were zipped but unbuttoned, and he looked about as disreputable as anyone she’d ever encountered. Especially on her upstairs hallway.”

Carrot and Coriander is available NOW from all the usual places :  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance

Old habits die hard. Her sexy young lover can make her body hum, but can she ignore the secrets of his past?

Rachel is drawn to the sexy young gardener offering to do odd jobs around her neighbourhood, no reasonable offer refused. She soon dreams up something for him to do at the bottom of her garden, and the view from her window is much improved as he works outside.

Callum can feel her gaze on him, can sense her fascination, but he has very particular requirements and he’s not at all sure his taste runs to middle aged freelance accountants, and a single mother at that.

However their attraction to each other is powerful, and as Callum starts to recognise the signals of willing submission which Rachel unconsciously gives off, he knows he must have her. Their passionate encounters liberate Rachel, unlocking her desires and demanding her surrender, while challenging all her inhibitions.

But when she learns the secrets of her sexy young lover’s misspent youth, can she get past her pre-conceived certainties to find a way for them to move on – together. Or was their new-found happiness doomed from the start?

Opposites attract, but are some differences just too deep to overcome?

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