Dungeon Crawl – A Hard Bargain

candles175px (Dungeon Crawl)Sexy orchidIt’s Wednesday again, so time for a mid-week excursion into the burst of pure pleasure which is the Dungeon Crawl. This week I thought I’d share a little preview from my upcoming trilogy, The Hardest Word. This excerpt is from the prologue to first book in the series, A Hard Bargain, which is available now on early download from Totally Bound and will be on general release from 4 April. Although this series ties in – eventually – with some of my previous stories, it introduces two completely new characters. Nick is an experienced Dom, and Freya is a would-be submissive for whom things are not entirely straightforward. Although slightly longer than my usual excerpts and not strictly speaking a dungeon scene, you can tell where this is heading.

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From: Freya Stone

To: Nicholas Hardisty

Date: 27 March 2013

Subject: A Business proposal

Dear Mr Hardisty

Please forgive this less than orthodox approach. I was given your contact details by Angela Delaney, who I believe is a mutual acquaintance to both of us. We probably have a number of mutual acquaintances in fact, as we are both members of the Collared and Tied club. Certainly I’ve seen you there, in the dungeon.

There’s no delicate way to frame my proposition, and I appreciate that in normal circumstances a direct approach from me, to you, would not be acceptable. But my circumstances are a little unusual and I hope you will be able to overlook my departure from accepted practice. In short, Mr Hardisty, I want to commission your services. As a Dominant, my Dom, specifically. I am convinced that you would never normally consider inviting me to scene with you, so I feel I should offer you some payment to compensate you for your time and for sharing your expertise. Would you consider the sum of twenty-five thousand pounds to be a fair price for your services? If not, I am happy to negotiate.

For this amount, or whatever sum we eventually agree on, I would wish to enjoy your attention, exclusively, for a period of I think perhaps one month, though, I am prepared to be flexible on that also. You will know better than I what’s involved and how long it might take. During that time, I would like you to work with me, train me in order that I can become accustomed to submission and the BDSM lifestyle. I am interested in exploring the various forms of submission, the usual and most common practices and so on. You will appreciate that whilst I have long been aware of this aspect of my nature, my experience is extremely limited, and to date my progress as a submissive has not always been especially rewarding. I have reached the conclusion that unless I take drastic steps, that situation will not alter.

I mentioned that my circumstances are unusual, and I feel I need to explain those to you more fully in order that you can consider my proposal fairly. Whilst I have normal hearing, I am mute. I cannot speak at all and therefore I cannot use safe words or other vocal clues to communicate with a Dom. I have on a number of occasions encountered difficulties as a result of my particular communication challenges. Not that I have had many offers.

On the other hand, I understand that you have an extensive track record and considerable expertise in training submissives, and I would like to be able to benefit from that specialist knowledge.

If you are positively inclined to consider my proposition, perhaps we could arrange a time to get together to discuss the details. I am happy to meet with you at a time and place of your convenience.

Best regards

Freya Stone (Miss)


From: Nicholas Hardisty

To: Freya Stone

Date: 31 March 2013

Subject: NO!

Dear Miss Stone

You are quite correct. Your approach is both unorthodox and inappropriate. I am in the habit of selecting my own submissives, and have never yet found it necessary to do so on the basis of financial consideration.

I understand your membership of the Collared and Tied club has been revoked so it is unlikely our paths will cross again. May I therefore take this opportunity to wish you every success for the future.

And finally, if I were minded to accept payment for my services as you suggest, I would have done what you require for considerably less than you have offered.

N. Hardisty


From: Freya Stone

To: Nicholas Hardisty

Date: 2 April 2013

Subject: A Business Proposal

Dear Mr Hardisty

There was no need to have my membership revoked. A simple no would have sufficed. As there are no other reputable establishments catering to my—our—preferences closer than Glasgow, I now find myself with nowhere safe to play.

I am therefore considerably worse off than when I first approached you. Perhaps that was your intention, but I feel that a more direct form of retribution would have been more appropriate. You could have simply spared a few moments to spank me, and been done with it.

Needless to say, I deeply regret having approached you, and you will not be bothered by me again.

Yours sincerely

Freya Stone (Miss)

P.S. The level of my financial offer reflected the value I place on the service I am seeking. I have the funds, and how I decide to spend my money is entirely up to me.


From: Nicholas Hardisty

To: Freya Stone

C.c. Angela Delaney

Date: 4 April 2013

Subject: Collared and Tied Club

Dear Miss Stone

Your membership at the Collared and Tied club has been reinstated. My actions were disproportionate, and I apologise for any undue distress caused. Your suggestion made in your email of 2 April 2013 is accepted as the more appropriate course of action and therefore when you next encounter me at the club, please be so good as to make yourself known to me and I will administer it.

There is no need to respond to this email. I would prefer no further communication between us other than that outlined above.

N. Hardisty


6 thoughts on “Dungeon Crawl – A Hard Bargain

  1. Wow… I’m really blown away by the originality of this. Her being a mute.
    And because she is I don’t understand why this Dom found her e-mail approach so outlandish.
    He actually sounds kind of mean IMHO…. cancelling her membership to the one place of safe play in the area. (how rude! I wanna’ kick him)
    I’m putting this on my TBR when it comes out, just so that I can… kick him that is.

    Great tension builder here, Ashe! 🙂


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