#SexySnippets – a little piece of Hard Bargaining

Sexy Snippets logoSexy Snippets is a blog hop brought to you by the Nuthouse Scribblers. Each Sunday writers share seven sexy sentences from a current release or work in progress. This week I’m offering a sneak preview from A Hard Bargain, book 1 in The Hardest Word trilogy.  A Hard Bargain did really well in its first week, reaching the no. 7 spot on ARe’s best sellers chart. It’s the story of Freya, a mute submissive looking for a Dom to train her, but without the use of safe  words as she can’t speak. In this snippet Freya is contemplating the folly of falling foul of formidable Dom Nick Hardisty

ahardbargain_800BestsellerIcon100X100Will he want me to strip? Doms usually like their submissives to be naked or as near as makes no difference. But Mr Hardisty is not just a Dom, he’s a Master, he has a reputation for being hard, firm, strict. He sets rules and enforces them relentlessly. I broke his rules without even knowing what they were and now I have no idea at all what to expect from him.

Except, I know it’s going to be painful, very painful, and despite the club’s insistence on safe and consensual play, I have no reliable way of safe wording. Up to now I’ve relied on the dungeon master to keep an eye out for me, and he’s been very attentive, but Frank isn’t here in room nine right now, and Mr Hardisty is a stranger. He doesn’t know me, doesn’t understand me, he might not intend to harm me, but how will he be able to help it? Christ, what have I done?

If you want to read more, A Hard Bargain is available from all the usual places : Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.com  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance 

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