“Welcome to submission, little Freya. Is it all you hoped for?”

thehardestword_facebookWhat happens when a submissive who can’t speak comes up against a stern and uncompromising Dom with a fondness for making subs squeal? Find out in The Hardest Word trilogy.

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Meanwhile, here’s a HOT excerpt


“I have more planned for you, but you’re not much use to me like this. Too wound up, too unstable, too volatile. So I’m going to let you come, just once, quick and hard to release the pressure. Then we start again, and next time you’ll control yourself better. Won’t you, little sub?” His tone is cool and clipped, with maybe a hint of displeasure there.

I don’t want him angry, disappointed in me. But I can’t bear this, I need to climax so much. I’ll promise anything. I bob my head quickly to signal what I want, what I need so desperately, the only means of communication left to me.

And he’s quick to respond. He uses both hands, parts my labia quickly and efficiently and slides his fingers between to circle my pussy swiftly before plunging two fingers deep inside me. I jerk, thrust my hips out, begging silently for more. And he obliges, gives me more. His thumb is on my clit, he rubs once, twice, and on the third stroke I detonate. I throw my head back, my mouth open in a silent scream of utter delight and satisfaction as I experience the most powerful, most explosive, most shattering orgasm I have ever had. Up to now my best orgasms have, in fairness, been solo efforts, but this is everything I’ve ever managed to achieve for myself and much more. This climax is like everything I’ve felt before, now rolled up into one explosive burst of energy pulsing through me. It hits me in seconds, and it’s over almost as quickly as it began. Nicholas wastes no time, forcing my response, pushing me hard over the edge and catching me quickly on the other side.

“That’s good, but enough for now. Now, you concentrate on what I’m doing to you, on what I’m saying to you, and you control yourself. You won’t come again until I give you permission to. Is that clear, girl?”

I sag against my restraints and he immediately jerks me back to the here and now by tugging hard on both weights. “Pay attention. And answer me. Now.”

Startled, unnerved by his sudden change in mood, I shrink away from him.

“Don’t cower.” He doesn’t take kindly to my response. “You know better than that. Remember, you’re in control here. You can always click if you want me to stop. Now, answer my question—do you understand your instructions? You are not to come again without my permission. Is. That. Clear?”

I concentrate on breathing deeply, evenly, as I nod my response. Yes, matters are perfectly clear to me. I’m suspended, naked, from a St. Andrew’s Cross, my nipples brutally clamped. I’ve just been treated to the best orgasm ever which has suddenly transformed into some sort of crime I don’t understand, but if I do it again I’ll be punished. He has something else planned for me, something more, I don’t know what that is, but it appears that if I have the temerity to like it too much and come again, he’ll punish me for that. I’m scared, confused, constantly off balance and apprehensive about what comes next.

And Nicholas Hardisty knows all of this. He’s inside my head. Again. This, no doubt, is what he meant by a mind-fuck.

His voice is low as he murmurs into my ear, “Welcome to submission, little Freya. Is it all you hoped for?”


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