Saturday Spanks

Sat Spanks logoIt’s Saturday again, which means it’s time for Saturday Spankings, the regular blog hop where authors share eight (or so) sentences with a spanking flavour from a published work or a work in progress. This week I’m sharing another piece from A Hard Bargain, book 1 in The Hardest Word series

BestsellerIcon100X100Enjoy my snippet, then don’t forget to hop around all the others – no better way to spend a lazy Saturday in my humble opinion. You’ll find the link at the bottom of this post.


ahardbargain_800“This looks like a very exact science, Miss Stone. Do you have to measure and cut each piece individually?” The bland question seems innocent enough.

I nod, indicating with my head the clear plastic grid square I use and the eighteen inch ruler with a metal edge for accurate scalpel and wheel cutting. He smiles softly as he picks up the ruler, tensing it in his hands as he watches me. And the blood drains from my face as, too late, I realise his intent.

“Ten minutes, wasn’t it, Miss Stone? I think that calls for ten strokes, and this will do very nicely. Are you wearing underwear?”

My mouth is dry as I nod.

“I thought so. Quite decent and proper. Remove it please. Then if you’d be so kind as to clear a space among your work, lift your skirt up above your waist, and bend over the table, that would be much appreciated.” His bombshell dropped, his instructions issued, he leans back, his hips casually hitched on the edge of my table as he waits for me to comply.

If you want to read more, A Hard Bargain is available from  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance  Sony  Kobo  

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5 thoughts on “Saturday Spanks

  1. Ooh ooh ooh. A ruler and some bending… whatever might happen next? I am officially dribbling… I love it when women are demanded to lift their skirts and remove their panties. Am I getting carried away here?


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