Saturday Spankings

Sat Spanks logoWelcome to another sizzling round of Saturday Spankings, the blog hop for those who like a little something for the weekend. This week I’ve chosen another snippet from Hard Lessons. Freya is receiving an erotic spanking, and Nick seems to know just what she wants.

hardlessons_thumbnailPositioning himself on the pillows, leaning back against the headboard, Nick grins down at me. “Assume the position, girl.”

His tone is gentle, teasing, and for once I know I have a choice. He’ll spank me, but only if I want it. And I do want it. Christ, do I want it.

I gingerly wriggle onto my knees and manage to stretch myself across Nick’s legs, my bare bottom raised slightly. I’m panting, near fainting with anticipation. I shiver in contentment as he massages my buttocks, loving the feel of his hard cock against the side of my waist. His erection, so solid, and all for me. Soon.

The first slap is just perfect. Absolutely exquisite. And the next and the next. I’m counting silently, my bottom warming beautifully as he places each stroke perfectly, covering my tender skin with his handprints. I want it harder. I need to feel the burn.

If you want more, Hard Lessons is available on  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance  Sony

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7 thoughts on “Saturday Spankings

  1. So very erotic indeed. I love the position of sitting up against the headboard nice and comfy to spank my wife. It put us in great position for yummy things that follow.


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