Dungeon Crawl : 28 May

candles with web address175px_vertHappy Wednesday everyone, and happy crawling. Today’s chunk of ouch comes from The Three Rs (for a change). This excerpt is from the extra chapter which you only get if you buy the ebook direct from Totally Bound. At the time of posting this there was a special offer at Totally Bound – 10% off. That said, it’s on all the other sites too. Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.com  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance  Sony 

Sexy orchidEnough sales babble, here’s the excerpt. Here we find Abbie strapped to Cain’s bed. Her ankles are fastened to the headboard, behind her head. She’s not entirely happy…

“How is it different? Take deep breaths, Abbie, and think.” His tone has gentled now, and his palm is on the back of my thigh, circling, massaging, reassuring.

And, amazingly, as the first stunned shock of being spread out and revealed so totally starts to recede, so does my panic. I find I can manage to drag in a few breaths. And I can even think, after a fashion.

I blurt out the first thing on my mind, “You can see me, and touch me. All of me.”

He chuckles, and his soothing touch shifts to the top of my inner thigh, hovering at the crease between my leg and my pussy. I’m holding my breath again, waiting. He trails his finger lazily along the edge of my cunt, tracing the outer lips. “I always could. And in this position I can spank you too. How convenient. Would you like that spanking now, Abbie? Would it help to relax you? I warn you though, this time I intend to slap your cunt too.”

He shifts to palm my thoroughly wet pussy, as if to emphasise exactly where he intends his slaps to land. I groan, my emotions a hopeless scramble of lust and fear. And excitement. Sweet, curling, drugging excitement. This terrifies me, but I still want it more than I want my next breath. I’m confused, humiliated beyond description, totally vulnerable, but inexorably caught up in this web of forbidden delight. I’m suspended here, my pussy wide open and clearly visible to him though he hasn’t commented yet on my obvious arousal.

“Please, Sir…”

“Please what, Abbie? Please touch? Please lick? Please spank?”

“I don’t know.” My response is a ragged groan as I attempt to process the conflicting emotional overload now surging through my consciousness. How has he done this? Reduced me to this quivering knot of confusion? I have no doubt he’ll stop if I ask him, tell him. If I use my safe word. I only have to say red, and it’s over.

And I’ll never forgive myself if I pass up this chance. He knows that, he knows he has me. And accepting that reality, I allow my muscles to go limp, held in place now only by the ropes securing my ankles to the bed head behind me.

“Abbie, should I continue? And what is it you’d like me to do to you next?”

“Yes. Please continue. I, I’d like you to stroke my cunt. Please.”

“My absolute pleasure, Abbie. Like this?” He inserts three fingers deep into my pussy.

I groan my pleasure.

He twists his hand to bring the pad of his middle finger hard against my G-spot, He rubs, thrusting firmly. I gasp, beyond coherent speech.

“Is there more I could perhaps do for you, Abbie?” His voice is soft, sensuous, incredibly sexy. I squeeze my pussy around his plunging fingers.

“My clit. Please, could you stroke my clit. Or lick it?”

“Which would you prefer? You’re being such a perfect little slut for me just now, you’ve earned one wish. What is it to be?”

“Lick my clit please. Hard. Please, do it now, Cain.”

“Ah, such a demanding little slut. I’d tell you to hold still, but you really have no choice, do you?”

The bed shifts as he moves, then all sensible thought deserts me as his tongue connects with my clit. He uses the fingers of his free hand to spread the lips, easing the hood back to fully expose the little nub, then he drags his tongue along the entire length of it. There’s a sound, and I suspect it may be my scream, but I don’t dwell on that as he flicks the end of the hot little bud of nerves hard. My orgasm is instant—pulsing through my body—stretched out under his hands and mouth. He doesn’t let up, continuing to caress my pussy and clit with his hands and tongue as my release spins me around and scrambles my senses. The sensations are truly wondrous, and my cunt convulses around his probing digits. I’m gasping for precious oxygen, but all my senses are attuned to the movements of his skilled fingers and clever, clever tongue.

At last, it’s over, and my body calms again. Slightly. His fingers are still embedded deep inside me, but he lifts his head, abandoning my clit. For now.

“Was that nice, little Abbie?”

I don’t answer, still concentrating on the pressing business of dragging in oxygen. He withdraws his hand, there’s a brief moment of respite, then a sharp slap against my swollen pussy.

“Aah, Christ!”

“I asked you a question, I expect an answer.” His tone is sharp again, harsh.

“What? What question?” All my new-found acceptance of this situation evaporates in that instant, I’m once more a timid knot of confusion. “Please, that really hurts. Don’t do that.”

“Safe word, or accept. Your choice, Abbie. Now, answer my question or live with the consequences. And, Abbie, that first one was just a light tap. I have a lot more in store for you. So, was that nice?”

He’s talking about the orgasm, which was indeed truly fabulous. “Yes, Sir, thank you. It was better than nice, it was wonderful. But not now. Now it’s horrible.”

“Are you sure, little sub? If it really was so horrible, you’d be screaming red by now. I can see it’s hard for you though. Can you tell me what’s so difficult? Do you need to talk, or shall we continue?”

“Please can I have a moment?” I can hear the tremor in my voice, and in the next instant I’ll be sobbing. Just one more harsh word from him, and I’ll dissolve in a flood of self-pitying tears.

“Okay, you can have a moment to think while I work lube into your arse. This bit should feel good, help you to relax again.”

“Why? Why are you lubing my arse?”

“That’s a silly question, Abbie. But I’ll humour you this once as I can tell you’re struggling to keep up. I’m going to introduce you to the joys of anal beads.”

Anal beads? This is new.

“Will they hurt?”

“Not as a rule. Quite the opposite, actually. But these particular ones have been in the freezer for the last forty eight hours, and are right now sitting in a glass of ice cubes.”


I hope you enjoyed Abbie’s predicament. Don’t forget to drop in on the rest of today’s Dungeon Crawlers. You find those by hopping onto the little froggy thing.

4 thoughts on “Dungeon Crawl : 28 May

  1. Seriously, I couldn’t remember the question either and had to go back and check! ;)This was so damn hot and at the same time, I wanted to stuff something in Mr. Chatty’s mouth! Loved it!!


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