My Sexy Saturday

My Sexy SaturdayHello all, welcome to My Sexy Saturday, week 45. There’s nothing like a hop round some Sexy Saturday blogs to perk up the weekend. I missed last week, but it’s great to be back. I loved this week’s theme, and went back to one of my earlier releases to find my example of the Captain’s Chair. In this excerpt from Darker, the second book in The Dark Side series, Nathan is providing Eva with some of the affirmation she seems to be so lacking, and at last it seems to be sinking in.


Does he mean me? He can’t be talking about me. I am stunned. Absolutely speechless. No one, no one has ever spoken about me like that. No one ever thought of me like that. The best lay he’s ever had? God! I should be affronted that it comes down to sex, but this is repressed, virginal little Eva Byrne we’re talking about, flat-chested, nerdy little Eva Byrne, the boring swot with no tits, no friends and hair like a bunch of carrots. And somehow, incredibly, this gorgeous hunk of a man who knows more about sex and sensuality than anyone I’ve ever met, a one-man Karma Sutra, thinks I’m a good lay. Me! I could dance on the ceiling. Or failing that, I might just stroll across this ocean of a bathtub of his.

This can’t be real. I have to ask. My voice cracking, I whisper, ”Are you just saying all that? To make me feel better? Are you just being kind?”

“Well, I hope I’m being kind. I do try, most of the time. With you. And yeah, I do want you to feel good, Eva. But that doesn’t mean I’m not telling you the truth, telling it like I see it. If you won’t believe it from me, who would you like to hear it from? Is there someone else?” His voice is soft, gentle. No accusation here, no jealousy, just concern. For me.

It’s too much. Compliments I can laugh off, admiration I can dismiss. But care and concern? Those just shoot straight through my carefully built defences and hit me direct in the heart. My face is wet, and I realise it’s not only the bathwater. Intense emotion just undoes me. I can’t handle it. Quite simply, I just never learnt how. Overwhelmed, with a gulp I turn in his arms and bury my face in his chest. I sob quietly as he holds me, strokes me, whispers sweet things in my hair.

“Beautiful, beautiful Eva. So sweet, so gorgeous, so sexy, so lovely… Talk to me, Eva. Cry if you need to. I’ll wait, then we’ll talk some more. Don’t stop talking to me, sweetheart. Please. Promise me that, love.”

My voice broken, halting, stumbling over the emotion surging through me, this strange, unfamiliar sensation that I don’t know how to handle—yet—I manage to scrape together a near enough coherent reply. “I promise. I need you, Nathan. I need you to help me. Please don’t stop helping me, caring about me.”

“Caring comes easy, love. You’ve got that, always. And I’ll help you if I can. For as long as you’re here, as long as we’re together, I’ll be on your side. Okay? Believe me?”

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