Saturday Spanks – 7 June

Sat Spanks logoWelcome to Saturday Spankings. I missed last week, but it’s great to be back with another excerpt of weekend hotness. For this week I’ve decided to rewind a bit to an earlier release of mine, Unsure, the first book in the Sure Mastery trilogy. This is the second encounter between Ashley and Tom. In their first, ill-fated meeting she was a member of a gang who attacked and robbed him. Now he’s exacting retribution for that. This is a serious spanking, punishment, but with a hint of something more…

Series bannerI suspect that if I put up a fight, a real fight, and mean it, he won’t force me. Probably. Maybe I could just grab my robe now and tell him to keep his hands to himself – I somehow doubt he’ll drag me screaming across his lap. 

But I can’t risk it, there’s too much at stake—my home, my future, my freedom. This cold, stern man sitting calmly in my living room, intending to spank me, holds the key to it all and I have no real choice but to obey him. So I don’t grab my robe, I don’t tell him to get lost. Instead, I move forward slowly to stand in front of him. He places his hands on either side of my hips and gently moves me to stand beside him, on his right-hand side. He must be right-handed – the irrelevant thought flitters uselessly through my mind.

“Lie across my legs, make yourself comfortable and tell me when you’re ready.” The words are gently spoken, he sounds almost kind. I obediently lower myself across his knees and he adjusts my position slightly, raising his right knee a little to lift my bottom up. All the better, I suppose, for him to be able to hit his target.

“Nice arse, Miss McAllister.” And he strokes my buttocks, to demonstrate his admiration no doubt. I squirm under his hand but it doesn’t stop him. “Once we start, you can scream all you like. There’s no one else for miles around. But don’t move until I tell you I’m finished. Is that clear?”

Unsure, and the rest of the books in the Sure Mastery series are available from  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance

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