Saturday Spanks… more from Sure Mastery

Sat Spanks logoMy something for the weekend is again chosen from  Sure Mastery, a trilogy I released last year. In this excerpt, taken from the third book in the series, Surefire Tom Shore’s Dom antennae need to be on red alert.


surefire_800He holds the object up between his thumb and forefinger. A butt plug. A big one. I moan, surely he can’t…I can’t.

Seemingly he can. And so can I. He uses his left hand to ease the cheeks of my bum apart and the other to slip the butt plug inside my anus. It is big. And it’s fucking cold. I shriek and earn myself a swift, hard slap.

“No rude words, Ashley. I’ve warned you. Swear at me again and I’ll put more stripes on this lovely arse of yours. Is that clear?”

My bottom smarting, my back passage shrivelling around the icy intruder, I’m almost sobbing.

“Is that clear, Ashley?” Another hard slap.

I force myself to answer. “Yes. But it’s cold.”

“Mmm, not long out of the freezer. I remembered how much you liked the ice lolly trick. Are you swearing at me again?”

I’m sobbing now, gulping in air, shaking. I answer him desperately, “No! No, I’m not. I promise. Please, I don’t want you to hit me.”

He hesitates, leans in close. “Ashley, are you safe wording?”

unsure_thumbnail“No. Yes. Yes. Amber. It’s amber…” I’m sobbing, oddly hurt and humiliated, exposed, vulnerable and wishing he’d just be nice to me.

Sure Thing_0005 Do try to concentrateHis palm is on my bum again, but soft this time, a soft caress. He calms me by his gentle touch, his quiet, tender words. “I’ll take it out, if that’s what you want. But if you can stick with it, it will be good. I’ll make it feel good, for you. I promise. And no more spanking, at least not tonight. No matter how rude you are. Deal?”

“Yes. Deal. Thank you.”

Sure Mastery – all three books are available from  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance  Sony  Kobo

Don’t forget, this is a blog hop so there are dozens more fabulous spanking excerpts to drop in on this weekend. To find them ..


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