#MySexySaturday – Some forever love from The Dark Side

My Sexy SaturdayWelcome to My Sexy Saturday, and what a wonderful theme we have this year – timeless love, adoration that stands the test of time, any test at all really, to last at least a lifetime. To celebrate ‘happy for ever and ever week’ I’ve chosen a piece from Darkest, the third book in The Dark Side. Nathan and Eva have had their differences, separated and found each other again. Now they want to affirm what they have together.

The Dark Side memeI nod once more, and walk silently into the bedroom to prepare myself as instructed.

It’s a St Andrews cross, a huge diagonal cross made of polished oak. Quite beautiful, in a macabre, medieval sort of way. The restraints are positioned at the four points and in the centre, soft leather straps for wrists and ankles and a larger one for around the waist. My wrists and ankles. My waist.

It’s to be a whipping, then. I shiver. It’s a long time since Nathan has had a whip in his hand, at least not around me. I admit to a certain puzzlement regarding his decision to acquire the St Andrew’s cross, but decide to leave any questions for later. He told me he hasn’t had any other submissives in the time I’ve been away and I believe him. I really do. I’ve learnt a lot about the importance of trust.

I quickly slip out of my clothes, including my pants. There’s nothing I want to keep hidden from Nathan, even temporarily. This day is a new beginning for us. For me. Now I’m his. And he’s mine. And here we are, playing out our scene.

Naked, I lie on my back on the bed, my legs spread wide, my knees bent, and carefully insert the eggs into my pussy. I’m already deliciously wet, no lubricant required. Nathan has always been able to have that effect on me. I stand carefully, slowly, half expecting the eggs to come sliding out but they don’t. My pussy clenches, wrapping itself around them, gripping them, gently holding them in place. I move towards the cross and feel the sensation immediately, the rolling, undulating pressure deep within as the unevenly weighted eggs shift inside me with every move I make. It feels wonderful. I squeeze, remembering the previous time we played with something similar, in Tom’s barn last summer. I experiment now with the glorious self-induced internal massage. It’s a little bit like the anal beads that I remember quite vividly from when I was last here, but maybe a little gentler. Possibly a little less intense.

At last, moaning already with pleasure, I step up to the cross and fasten the waist restraint around myself, buckling it at my side. Then I place my wrists through the leather bracelets, and slip my feet into the straps at the bottom two points. And I wait.

Nathan doesn’t keep me waiting long. Only a couple of minutes, hardly anything at all in Dom time. Just enough time to help me anticipate what’s to come, and to continue to explore the pleasurable feeling of those lovely little eggs doing their delightful rocking and rolling thing inside me My forehead resting against the oak beam in from of me, I tense in surprise as the eggs suddenly start to vibrate inside me. Activated and controlled remotely by Nathan, my desire starts to build and peak as I hear the door open.  Then the quiet click as he closes it behind him. I remain still, in my place on the cross. I know better by now than to attempt to move until my Dom instructs me that I should. I listen intently, hear his soft footsteps as he crosses the room, barefoot I think, to where I stand, waiting patiently for him.

promotion-Ashe Barker_TheDarkSide


I hope you enjoyed this snippet. All three books in the series are available from Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.com  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance 

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2 thoughts on “#MySexySaturday – Some forever love from The Dark Side

  1. Love the second chance at love idea – especially with kink thrown in. A very beautiful and descriptive scene between a Dom and his sub.



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