Have you met Captain Rob Hawke yet?

rightofsalvage_800“You fear the unknown, and we’ll soon be past that. I intend to be gentle with you, Jane. This will hurt, but there will be pleasure too. More pleasure than pain. You can bear it. You’re a grown woman, you can do this.”

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Here’s the blurb…

This collection is full to the brim of swashbuckling, dangerous pirates, beautiful fair maidens and enchanting elopements. These bold buccaneers don’t stop until they get what they want, and the damsels in distress may be more captivated than captured. As the old superstition goes, a woman on board a ship is unlucky, but a naked woman ‘calms the sea’ and the heart of her hero.

He pulled her from the sea, breathed life back into her, and now she belongs to him. By right of salvage.

A passenger on a merchant ship carrying her husband’s cargo between the New World and Portsmouth, Jane Browne is unprepared for the devastating attraction she feels towards the fierce pirate who decides to relieve her husband of his goods. And his wife. Hurled into the sea by her violent husband in an act of spiteful, jealous revenge, Jane is rescued by the handsome pirate captain, who declares that she is now his property.

Jane has no choice but to accompany Captain Rob Hawke. With Jane installed on his ship and in his bed, he demands her total obedience and her willing submission. Frightened and alone, Jane nevertheless responds quickly to her pirate rescuer’s delicate seduction, as he draws her effortlessly into his world of pleasure tinged with pain. Having sampled what he can provide, Rob offers Jane a choice. Will she opt to accept her freedom, or remain with Rob as his willing submissive?

When Rob’s past and Jane’s jealous husband catch up with them again, can they find a new future…together?

A short, amazing read that left me with a smile. I love reading historical romance, and with the D/s added, this story blew me away. Captain Rob is fierce and dominating, but in that oh-so wonderful way that makes the reader wish she were the tossed-overboard Jane to be rescued.

 On the surface, this looks like a simple pirate tale. Once I opened the book and started reading, I couldn’t put it down. The heat, the heart…I loved it. Ms. Barker’s writing sparkles and drew me right in.

This was hot right from the start. Jane and Rob are combustable from the moment they set eyes on each other. Jane is sweet and innocent and her pirate is anything but.


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