#MySexySaturday – a quickie from Sure Mastery

My Sexy SaturdayWelcome to week 54 of My Sexy Saturday. The theme this week is ‘do ya think I’m sexy?” or something along those lines, so I decided to share a short piece from one of  my favourite stories. This is from Sure Thing, the second book in my Sure Mastery series. Ashley is ill so Tom has brought her a cup of coffee in bed. It seems she’s feeling a bit better now. Good stuff, coffee!

surething_exlargeWith no further ado I wriggle back up him, and with a soft moan lower myself gratefully onto his shaft. I groan. The sensation feels wonderful. Fabulous. I’m stretched, tight, almost to the point of pain. It’s near, but it’s not quite painful, not really. It’s more that I’m—full, complete. And in control.

For long moments I don’t move, and neither does he. My eyes are closed as I savour this connection between us. Then I open my eyes, look down into his glittering, emerald gaze. He smiles up at me, his eyes warm. I begin to move. I use my thighs to raise myself up then sink back each time, revelling in the feeling of being stretched, filled entirely. I concentrate on sliding up and down on his hard, thick shaft as I settle into my rhythm. I use my inner muscles to squeeze him, to clench around him. He groans, and I’m no longer the one controlling this, I’m no longer alone in setting our rhythm. He holds my body as I continue to move on him, but he’s now thrusting upwards to meet me, filling me each time, angling the thrusts to hit my most sensitive spot. The pleasure builds and I share my power willingly—I arch, scream with the mindless delight of it.

I feel the boil of orgasm starting, deep within, bubbling, simmering, gathering heat, gurgling upwards and outwards like a volcano. It’s new, unfamiliar, as though I’ve never been so thoroughly fucked before. Maybe I haven’t. At least, I’m only just starting to become accustomed to being fucked by a man I love.

With that realisation comes release. I pitch forward, collapsing boneless, on top of Tom’s chest as my orgasm pulses through me.

“I’d have brought you a coffee up earlier if I’d realised how grateful you’d be. If I throw in some toast would it get me a blow job?” Tom’s grinning down at me, propped up on one elbow on the bed. He’s stretched out alongside me, still fully dressed.

“Definitely. Any time. It’s probably cold by now. Shit.” I groan to myself. I could murder a good hit of caffeine right now.

“I seriously doubt it. That’s got to be one of the fastest fucks on record.” He stretches over me to reach my still steaming mug, hands it to me. “There you go. Don’t scald yourself.”

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I hope you liked this little peep into Sure Mastery. The series is available from the usual places – Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.com  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance

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