#SaturdaySpankings – A Touch of Sure Mastery

Sat Spanks logoWelcome to another round of Saturday Spanks. This weekend I’m sharing seven (or so) sentences from Sure Thing, the second book in my Sure Mastery series. This is not Ashley’s first spanking, but it’s the first one she has properly consented to. Still, she has mixed feelings…

surething_exlargeI scream again, and now I am crying, really sobbing, uncontrollably. Still I don’t use my safe word, although every self-preservation instinct I possess is screaming at me to make this stop. Tom gently lifts my hair from my face, telling me to open my eyes. Dom or no Dom, I will not obey him this time. I shake my head defiantly, screwing my eyes tight shut. I’m expecting firmness, insistence, but my Master is full of surprises, it seems. This time he doesn’t command, he doesn’t instruct me in that hard, cold Dom voice. Instead he strokes my face gently, uses his thumb to wipe away my tears before placing his lips soft on mine.

“Amber?” His question is soft, gentle, generous.

I nod, my gratitude almost overwhelming.

“Look at me, Ashley. Please.”

I wait a few moments then force my eyes to open, to meet his searching, emerald gaze. His face, just inches from mine, is kind, concerned, and utterly, utterly beautiful to me at that moment.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this snippet. If you want to read more, all three books in the Sure Mastery series are available from the usual places – Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.com  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance

No weekend is complete without a saunter through the fabulous excerpts that make up the regular Saturday spankfest. Don’t forget to drop in on the other authors sharing spanks today. To find them

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