A Five Star Review for Right of Salvage, and a HOT excerpt to enjoy

rightofsalvage_800Right of Salvage by Ashe Barker is a light fun read perfect to lift a reader’s mood. This quick read is part of Jolly Rogered collection filled with swash buckling romance. I’ve been reading some heavy books lately and I really needed something quick to clear my brain This entry by Ms Barker was the perfect read for me.

The main characters, Jane and Rob, are perfect match. Despite Jane being married to an abusive husband, this sexy playful pirate is unable to resist her sweetness. He rescues her from her jealous husband when he seizes all the cargo from a merchant ship. Back on his ship, he introduce her to his delightful world of submission and obedience. The sex between them hot and seductive but light enough for a reader to enjoy. The BDSM element isn’t over-whelming and is perfect for anyone wants a quick snack and not a heavy meal of it. Throw in a few unexpected twist and this story ends with a HEA that is satisfying and left me with a smile.

Of course this is another great story by one of my favorite author, Ashe Barker, and anyone who enjoys her story telling is going to enjoy this book. If you’re going to pick one book out of the Jolly Rogered collection, make it Right of Salvage.

My thanks to The Jeep Diva

You can get your hands on Captain Rob Hawke at Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.com  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance

Here’s a sexy little excerpt to get you in the mood.

“I promise I will not hurt you more than you can tolerate. But if you need me to stop, I will. You need only ask me. Tell me, Jane, did you have a pet as a little girl. A puppy perhaps, or a kitten?

“Yes, Sir. A kitten.”

“What was her name, your kitten?”

“It was a he. I called him Marmaduke.” There was puzzlement now in her voice, and Rob smiled to himself. Her mind was no longer focused just on her current predicament and what was about to happen to her. That was good, for the moment. He would re-focus her attention totally in the next few moments.

“Excellent. Then ‘Marmaduke’ will be your safe word, for this and in the future. If at any time I do anything to you that you really cannot bear, just say that word and I will stop. Always. Immediately. You have my word on that.”

“Why? Why would you stop?” Her bewilderment was evident, her frown one of total confusion. “You wouldn’t have to. There would be nothing I could do…” Her breath hitched as the reality of their situation reasserted itself.

He had no time to explain the delicate dynamics of power exchange to her now. At this moment, he needed to move her on.

“You will understand all of this, in time. For now, just accept my promise. Believe me when I tell you, it’s in your power to stop me if I ever push you too far. Now, we should proceed.” Holding out his hand, he helped her to her feet. “Come here, Jane. Lay across my knees.”

Obedient, she stood beside him in silence, contemplating for a few moments, before leaning forward and obligingly placing her upper body across his lap.

“Is this as you want, Sir? I mean Rob.” She wriggled a little, still adjusting.

“Yes, perfect. Are you comfortable?”

“I would be, Sir, if I wasn’t so terrified.”

Ah, not ‘Rob’ now then?

He placed one palm on the small of her back, and with the other caressed her smooth bottom. She flinched at his initial touch, then relaxed under his hand. He contented himself with kneading her softly rounded buttocks at first, only advancing to dip his fingers into the crease dividing them when he was satisfied she was ready to accept his more intimate exploration. He waited for her to tense, to perhaps squeeze her thighs together, but she did neither. Encouraged, he slid deeper, down through her delicate, silken folds, and was delighted to discover the wetness already gathering. Terrified she might be, mortified with embarrassment, too, he had no doubt. But she was aroused, wet and ready for him. Fucking beautiful!

He slipped one finger inside her. He was slow, infinitely careful, he wanted her to love this part. And she would, if he had anything to do with it. She clung to him, the walls of her pussy hot and tight around his questing finger. He pulled out, only to thrust back in, a little harder now. She gasped, he slowed, she tightened and squeezed. He thrust again, and with a low moan she parted her thighs to allow him greater access.

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