My Sexy Saturday – What happens after ‘The End’?

My Sexy SaturdaySuch an intriguing theme this week – what happens to characters once we finish their story? Do we meet them again in future instalments, or do we have to leave it to the imagination to conjure up the details of their HEA? Not always.

I’ve chosen an excerpt from Hard Choices, the third book in The Hardest Word  trilogy. All my trilogies so far are tie-ins so we do encounter faces from previous stories. In this scene Nick and Freya have travelled to Yorkshire, and meet some of my old friends from The Dark Side and Sure Mastery.

hardchoices_thumbnail“Shit! What’s that?” Callum’s staring at the barn door. We all turn, and I can’t help gasping in shock at what looks to be a bear lumbering across the cobbles towards us.

Nathan smiles. “That’s Barney. He’s a big old softie, just like Tom. Looks the part, though.” He clicks his tongue and the huge dog picks up his pace marginally, before coming to drop on his haunches next to his master. Nathan tickles his ears, the huge head nuzzling his waist.

“Does he like polo mints?” Callum is tugging a crumpled tube from his pocket, and he has the dog’s undivided attention now.

ahardbargain_thumbnail“Looks like it. Why don’t you two get acquainted while we grab a coffee?” This from Tom, who’s gesturing us towards the farmhouse. We all move off in that direction. “So, we were saying, Freya…?” Tom picks up the conversation from before we were so rudely interrupted by Barney’s arrival.

Nick continues where he left off, “Freya’d like to meet your…” He hesitates, uncertain himself of how to refer to Eva and Ashley.

“Ashley’s my fiancée, but by this time next week she’ll be my wife.” Tom rescues him, gesturing at Nathan. “He’s still working on Eva, but she’ll see sense. Eventually. Apparently she’s agreed to marry him but he can’t pin her down to a date. So now who’s the big softie?”

hardlessons_thumbnailWith a glance back in the direction of Callum to make sure he’s out of earshot, Nathan mutters, “I ought to cane her more often. That’d do the trick.”

Tom grins as he ushers us into his huge kitchen. “Yeah. Or you could try getting her pregnant again. Worked for me even if it does spoil the fun for a while. You can’t spank pregnant women, can’t get them over your knee properly. They’re all the wrong shape. So, Freya, do you prefer tea, or coffee?”

If you want to read on, all my stories can be found in the usual places –  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance

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