Sunday Snogs – More from Rich Tapestry

SmoochPhew, nearly missed the Sunday Snogs week, Still, just in time… and here’s another kissing excerpt from Rich Tapestry. Summer Jones is discovering the delights of her first spanking.

Rich Tapestry, book 1 in my latest trilogy A Richness of Swallows is on general release from 5 September, but is available now on early download from Totally Bound, and you can pre-order it from Amazon.

richtapestry_800“Aah, Christ. I wasn’t ready.” I’m shivering, no doubt due to the combined effects of frustration, shock and renewed pain. Dan applies his much practiced palm to my tender backside with considerably more vigour than I suspect he did prior to our erotic little interlude.

“You should have said. I did ask. Bear up, little newbie sub, we’re almost finished. Then I’ll let you come again. If you ask me nicely.”

Somehow I know I’m going to be asking very nicely indeed. I don’t acknowledge that just yet though. Instead, I count.

“Twenty one.”


“Twenty two.”


“Twenty three.”

“I’m going to drop the last two directly onto your cunt. Keep your legs wide apart for this, Summer.”

“But I…”

“Quiet. You can safe word, or you can let me do this. Which is it?” His tone is hard, uncompromising.

And I know what the answer must be.

“Do it. Please. Sir.”

“Good girl.”

He wastes no time. The first spank to my pussy sends my body juddering into spasm, and the next sends me into orbit, my orgasm ricocheting through me like a bolt of lightning. I forget all about counting—I doubt I can recall how to, in any case—and I simply scream my joy as the powerful sensations pulse through my entire body. I’m held securely in place, but if I wasn’t, I’d by now be collapsing onto the floor as my knees have given way. My pussy is squeezing on nothing, my scalding buttocks clenching. I’m begging, though I don’t rightly know what it is I need, or want, at this moment.

Dan Riche knows. He plunges three solid fingers deep into me again, rubbing my G-spot expertly as I pant and groan in sheer, mindless ecstasy. His other palm is on the small of my back, holding me still for his ministrations. There’s no need. I don’t believe I ever want to move again, actually. Christ, did anything, ever, in the entire history of the world, feel as good as this?

The frantic pulsing seems to continue forever, though in reality could only be a few moments. Eventually my body stops convulsing, the tingles subside and my scrambled senses start to re-assert themselves. At last I can concentrate on mundane matters such as breathing. I lie still, secured to the bench, as Dan withdraws his fingers. His hand is on my bottom, his caress gentle, soothing as I re-gather my wits.

He walks around to the other side of the bench and crouches to unfasten my restraints. “Can you stand?”

I honestly don’t believe I can, but I attempt it anyway. Foolhardy endeavour. I would have slithered to the floor but for Dan catching me around the waist. He picks me up and carries me to the couch again, depositing me gently on my side. My eyes are closed, but I know he’s there, right in front of me. His breath is on my cheek. He’s smoothing my hair from my face with his fingers.

“Are you still with us, Summer?”

The voice is low and sexy, no longer demanding, but I feel compelled to respond anyway. I manage to crack open my eyes just enough to make out his face, close to mine. He really is incredibly good-looking, in a dark and dangerous sort of way. Not my type at all. I wish he’d kiss me.

His lips brushing my forehead suggest to me that Dan Riche’s telepathic antennae are fully tuned in. A sense of contentment washes through me. I could so easily drift off to sleep here…

I think perhaps I have dozed off, because now Dan is stroking my hair away from my face again, and this time he kisses my lips. I open my eyes as he breaks the kiss to nuzzle my nose with his.

“Wake up, Sleeping Beauty. It’s bath time.”

I hope you enjoyed this sneak preview of Rich Tapestry. Don’t forget to check out the rest of this week’s Sunday Snogs. You’ll find them here


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