My Sexy Saturday – A Moment from Rich Tapestry

My Sexy SaturdayBlog Tour_Rich Tapestry_Ashe Barker_600x315_final Hi there and welcome to my blog. I missed last weekend’s My Sexy Saturday but I’m back now and very excited because the first book in my latest series went on general release on Friday. Rich Tapestry can be yours from all the usual places. Or better still, win a copy on the blog tour to celebrate the release of the book (as well as my birthday).

Here’s the blurb…

richtapestry_800No act of kindness goes unpunished.

Summer Jones likes things to be tidy. Predictable, well-ordered and meticulous—she likes to be in control. So when she finds herself waiting for a friend in a BDSM club, she is horrified when an attractive Dom offers to show her around. She agrees, but there’s a catch. Her sassy mouth has earned her a punishment at his hands. She has to accept his terms or spend the evening alone. Despite her apprehension, Summer can’t deny her curiosity about this lifestyle and the pleasures it seems to offer.

But will one night with accomplished Dom, Daniel Riche, fulfil her dreams, or will it just prove to her what she always suspected, that anything so intense is best avoided?

Scared, confused, and utterly horrified at her response to Daniel’s touch and his dark brand of pleasure, Summer still finds herself yearning for more. Why, despite her pleas and his obvious appreciation of her body, is he peculiarly reluctant to deliver all she demands from him?

Hurt and confused, Summer is desperate to escape. But can she leave her memories of Daniel behind? Does she really want to?

And now for a sexy seven paragraphs…

I gaze at him, unaccountably startled. Again. I expected him to touch me, to handle me, and that I’d allow it, without protest. I was ready for that, pretty much. But this…this is me taking an active part. Offering myself, my wetness, to him. For his approval—or otherwise. This is real. I’m acutely conscious that it starts here. Now. If I obey—when I obey—I will be submitting. Just as Freya seems to so love doing. Is this for me? I can’t quite think it is. Perhaps…

“What are you waiting for? I asked you to stroke your pussy then show me the wetness on your hand.”

“I-I’m not sure. It’s hard. I think that perhaps I’m not a submissive after all. Sir.”

He leans back, regarding me with that mocking half-smile I’m coming to recognise. “No? Back to that are we? Well there must be some other explanation then. Please do share it with me.”

“Explanation? Sir?”

“Yes. Explanation. Some other explanation to account for why you’re here, in a BDSM club, kneeling naked at my feet, your arse clenching and your pussy wet, waiting for me to spank you.”

Well, when he puts it like that…

If you’ve enjoyed this excerpt you can get your hands on the rest of Rich Tapestry from  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance

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