A Saturday Spanking from Rich Tapestry


Sat Spanks logorichtapestry_800Hello and welcome back for another weekend of Saturday Spanking fun. This week I’m sharing another snippet from Rich Tapestry, the first book in my latest series, A Richness of Swallows, which has been having a great first week. In this eight (or so) sentences from early in the story Summer Jones is getting a little hot under the collar at the mere mention of a spanking.

Daniel Riche halts my flow of words by simply lifting his hand. The gesture is autocratic, commanding, and totally effective.

“And maybe if I wipe down the table, perhaps then I could lay you across it, lift that sexy little skirt and spank your bottom. Would that make you feel better?”

I gape at him, incredulous. Did I just hear him correctly? “What? What did you say?”

Daniel Riche looks at me, the expression on his devilishly handsome face quite neutral. “You heard. Would it help you to forgive yourself if I were to punish you? A good, hard, bare-bottom spanking usually does the trick, I’d be delighted to oblige.”

Even as I recoil, horrified, my pussy is spasming. My knickers are wet, for Christ’s sake. How? Why? The very idea is, is… is delightfully, deliciously naughty, wicked beyond imagining and so hot I could melt.

“You look shocked, Miss Jones. Does the idea not appeal? Or perhaps it does, and that’s why you’re so – uncomfortable.”

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peep. If you want to read on, Rich Tapestry is available from Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.com  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance

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