My Sexy Saturday – A First Encounter from Rich Tapestry

My Sexy SaturdayHello and welcome. The theme for this week’s My Sexy Saturday is ‘He’s Not That Into You (not)’. Or perhaps that should be ‘He’s so into you it hurts’. This excerpt from Rich Tapestry describes the first meeting between Daniel Riche and Summer Jones. He has trouble controlling his reaction to her – not that he tries especially hard.

richtapestry_800The lone car in the car park stuck out, the rear passenger door standing wide open. He could just make out the movement of a slim figure crouching in the open doorway, caught in the reflected illumination cast by the car’s interior light. Daniel jogged across.

Perhaps alerted by the sound of his footsteps the figure straightened and turned. Daniel’s breath hitched. Shit! Fucking gorgeous. He’d anticipated some middle-aged animal welfare do-gooder, not this vision of female perfection now facing him. For all he knew she might be all of the above, but, for fuck’s sake? Tall, willowy, blonde hair, classically beautiful features. She was smartly dressed, a slim black skirt with matching jacket over a deep red blouse, a broad leather belt and matching high heeled shoes. Perhaps she worked in an office. Whatever, she was sex on a stick. And she was here, smiling expectantly at him.

His cock took on a life of its own as Daniel attempted to maintain some semblance of professionalism. He was supposed to check on the dying badger, for God’s sake. Probably hasten it on its way. After he’d concluded his humanitarian mission he needed to get back to his surgery pronto. He had a lemur which would probably need a Caesarian section before the night was out, a wallaby with mastitis, and a pile of paperwork to get through. He couldn’t be drooling over lovely strangers in the car park. Time to do polite.

“Good evening. I’m Daniel Riche, locum vet. I gather you have an injured animal you need me to attend to.” He thrust out a hand. The woman took it, her handshake timid. Briefly, Daniel wondered why that might be, but he had more pressing matters to deal with. He leaned around the woman to peer into the back seat.

“Excuse me, could I just…?”

“Oh, right, sorry.” The woman shuffled aside to allow him better access, but hovered just behind him. Daniel wasn’t sure which was more disconcerting, the badger’s laboured breath sounds or the woman’s soft sigh as he reached towards her unconscious charge.

Daniel watched in wonder, his cock now solidifying in his jeans. That look, the way she averted her eyes. Her whole fucking demeanour was pure submissive. He was certain she had no idea she was doing it, but the Dom in him was leaping to attention. She might as well have ‘Spank me, then fuck me. Please’ emblazoned across her forehead in green neon. He’d love to oblige. Not a good idea. At least, not yet.

Rich Tapestry is the first book in my latest series, A Richness of Swallows. If you’ve enjoyed this, you can get your hands on the rest of Rich Tapestry from  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance


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