Meet My Character Monday blog hop – Introducing Dan Riche

Hello and welcome to the regular Meet My Character Monday blog hop. This is only the second time I’ve taken part, so I’m still finding my feet, but enjoying the journey. Once again, I want to thank Jennifer Reynolds for inviting me to join.

richtapestry_800The character I want to introduce this week is Daniel Riche, known as Dan to his friends. Dan is the hero of my current trilogy, A Richness of Swallows. Regular readers of my stories might recognise him – he is half-brother to Nathan Darke, one of my first heroes, and has appeared briefly in several previous books before getting his own centre-stage role.

The first book in the trilogy, Rich Tapestry, is available from  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance

Dan’s story starts in Cumbria, where he works as a vet. He has a particular fondness for exotic creatures which is why he works at a zoo park. It may also account for his instant attraction to Summer Jones, the heroine of the story, who he meets when she brings him an injured badger to take care of. Like most vets, Dan is not sentimental about animals, he does what needs to be done. But he’s kind, caring, and will go out of his way to help an animal in trouble.

By the time we meet Dan he’s aged around thirty. He’s a Dom, like his half-brother, and tends to be tough and uncompromising. He has a soft centre though, and he’s fascinated by shy, introverted Summer. Their first meeting doesn’t go especially well, except for the badger. Driven by impulse, Dan makes an outrageous suggestion to Summer, wiich she rejects out of hand. He knows he went too far and he apologises. He’d like to get to know her, maybe take things more slowly this time. But it’s already too late, she’s totally spooked and makes a run for it. Dan can’t believe his luck when he comes across Summer again a couple of years later, in a BDSM club of all places. This time their encounter is even more explosive.

Summer is complex, difficult, and Dan is baffled by her. She is constantly running from him. This doesn’t stop him wanting to find out more though. He wants her, it’s that simple. When they meet up for the third time he’s determined not to let her get away from him again.

Dan takes a relaxed approach to life. He works hard, plays hard, tends not to take anything too seriously. His mother died when he was very young so for several years it was just him and his dad. When his father met and married Nathan Darke’s mother this brought the two boys, then aged eleven, together. They grew up as brothers, and are still very close. Dan is a regular visitor at Black Combe, Nathan’s home in Yorkshire, where much of his story is set.

As well as working at the zoo, Dan is a course vet at Cartmel races. He is passionate about animal welfare, and will not tolerate any ill-treatment of horses. He is staunchly opposed to use of the whip, though this is not s sentiment which extends to his own private life. He can wield a Spanish quirt with masterly skill, but he’s equally adept at foot massages. Poor Summer doesn’t stand a chance.

If you want to get to know Dan better, you can pick up a copy of Rich Tapestry from any of the usual places  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance


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