My Sexy Saturday – a melting moment from Rich Tapestry

My Sexy SaturdayWelcome back to another week of My Sexy Saturday.  The theme for this weekend is sexy romance (sounds familiar) so I thought I’d share a tender moment from Rich Tapestry.  Summer has just experienced her first punishment spanking, and this is some of what follows…

“Wake up, Sleeping Beauty. It’s bath time.”

richtapestry_800“What? What did you say?” I’m incredibly groggy. Even though I feel to have slept for hours already, I’m sure I could easily manage to sleep for at least another week if he’d just bugger off and let me. I roll onto my back, the sharp pain in my bum reminding me of why he positioned me on my side to begin with. I start to roll back, but Dan’s palm on my breast stops me. There’s no force applied, I could move if I wanted to, but I choose instead to lie still, relishing the sweetness of his light caress. My tits might be small, but they do fit nicely in his hand and lack nothing in the sensitivity department, as he’s now amply demonstrating.

Dan circles my nipple slowly with his fingertip, teasing the pink tip to swollen hardness. He’s watching the motion of his finger and the effect it has on me. And I’m watching him. His profile is striking—his nose straight and narrow, his lips full. And soft, just as I remember. He’s sporting a slight shadow across his jaw, and he’ll probably need a shave before long. Without considering what I’m doing, I lift my hand to stroke his cheek, enjoying the raspiness of his emerging stubble. He turns his face to me, smiles, the expression purely dazzling. He takes my breath away.

My returning grin is shaky, hesitant. I have no idea what’s happening here or what comes next. Just that I feel good. And safe. And sore. He picks up on that.

“Do you feel suitably chastised, little sub?”

“I do, Sir.” I decide not to quarrel with his description of me. I certainly feel submissive at this moment.

If you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into Dan and Summer’s story, the rest of it can be found in the usual places.  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance

richpickings_thumbnailRich Tapestry is the first book in my series A Richness of Swallows. The second book, Rich Pickings is available now for early download from Totally Bound.

End of shameless pimping. Now, don’t forget to drop in on the other authors sharing their sexy romantic moments in the blog hop this week. To find them
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