Meet My Character Monday – Captain Rob Hawke from Right of Salvage

Hello, and welcome back to the regular Meet My Character Monday blog hop where authors introduce their favourite characters and maybe spill the beans on a few secrets not shared in their stories…

As ever, I’m grateful to Jennifer Reynolds for inviting me to join in the fun, and to Emily Gatrell for organising the whole thing

This is my fourth excursion into this blog hop, and I’m having a great time revisiting heroes from my stories. I’ll start on the heroines soon perhaps. New authors with captivating characters to introduce are always welcome.

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Captain Rob Hawke (cropped)Today I want to introduce you to Captain Rob Hawke hero of Right of Salvage, my short story in the Jolly Rogered collection. A pirate plying his trade in the warm waters of the Caribbean, Rob is a displaced English nobleman. He’s well aware that Queen Elizabeth will be less than amused by his antics harassing her allies, so even though he might secretly like to return to England someday he can’t see that happening. Not if he wants to avoid a lengthy stay in the Tower.

Rob is fierce, a dangerous man to cross. Especially if you’re the master of a merchant vessel carrying something worth stealing. He is also fair, generous to those he cares about, and manages to hide a protective streak reasonably well. He looks out for the younger and weaker members of his crew, and in return earns their absolute loyalty.

His protective instincts are apparent to all when he encounters Jane Browne, a young woman struggling in an unhappy, abusive marriage. Her husband attempts to murder her to save his own skin during a raid by Rob’s pirate crew. Rob rescues Jane, and removes her – not entirely with her consent – from her husband’s cruelty.

Not a naturally blood-thirsty man, violence is nevertheless a part of Rob’s life. He doesn’t shy away from it. Coupled with a highly developed sense of justice, he has no qualms about meting out a punishment if it’s deserved. He would have happily hanged Jane’s husband for his actions, but gives in to the young wife’s desperate pleas that her husband be spared. Even so, bullies don’t get off lightly, not when Rob Hawke is around and laying down the law as he sees it. Mr Browne does pay for his misdeeds, though Rob would have exacted a higher price if he could say no to Jane.

rightofsalvage_800Rob is fascinated by his little female captive. He is irresistibly drawn to her, and the sensual demands he makes of his new ‘guest’ are both outrageous and shocking. A complicated blend of harsh Master and gentle, intuitive lover, Jane brings out the best, and the worst in Rob. He wants her to obey him, but he’ll cajole and seduce to get her to surrender. She’s in his cabin, sharing his bed, and this suits Rob fine. He wants her as his submissive, and even though he could easily have his way whether she consented or not he would never harm her or force her to do anything she really didn’t want to.

Neither would he compel her to remain with him against her will. He wants an enthusiastic submissive, nothing less will do, so he offers Jane her freedom and the means to return to her family in England.

Rob is a thief, a mercenary, a pirate to the core. He takes what he wants. He is also a natural leader who puts the welfare of his crew before his own. He won’t endanger them if that can be avoided. And he won’t allow anyone to harm Jane. He would lay down his life for her.

Right of Salvage is available from  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief insight into Captain Rob Hawke’s finer qualities. Don’t rush off without checking out the other blogs on today’s hop and get up close and personal with a few more fabulous characters. They are :


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