#MySexySaturday… Sexy is a State of Mind

My Sexy SaturdayHello and welcome back to my blog, and to the 62nd My Sexy Saturday. Interesting theme this week, ‘sexy’ is all in the mind. A way of thinking, of believing. Sometimes it’s just as important to believe in yourself as it is in your significant other. In this excerpt from Sure Mastery, Ashley is finding the courage to assert herself and stand up to Tom. This is the start of a whole new chapter in their relationship.

unsure_800“I’ve never done much ironing. Maybe I should just leave that, or practise on tea towels or something…”

He fixes me with a glare, the mossy glint in his eyes chilling. “Practise on your own tea towels if you must, in your own time. But you’re on my time now and I want you to iron my shirts, jeans and bedding. Maybe a sweatshirt or two, whatever’s in there. And anything you ruin gets added onto your debt. Or maybe I’ll just take it out of your hide. Again.” His lips quirk. He’s probably joking. Maybe. But those jibes and veiled threats sting, they hurt me, undermine my fragile self-confidence, every time. And as far as I’m concerned there’s no funny side to this. He needs setting straight.

I take a deep breath, set my shoulders and lift my chin. Best to look the part. And I go for it. “No, Mr Shore. You won’t. You won’t lay a finger on me again. In any circumstances.”

Now I do have his attention. He regards me quizzically before leaning back in his chair, his booted feet up on the spare seat next to him. That hard emerald glitter is fixed on me. “Do go on, Ashley. I get the impression you’ve something you want to say.” His tone is soft, but I’m not misled by that. I square my shoulders again, I can’t back down now.

I clutch my mug of coffee to stop my hands shaking, but this is my opportunity, maybe the only chance I’ll get to set out my stall, and I need to do it quickly. “You caught me at a disadvantage that first time when you, when you…”

“When I stripped you naked, put you over my knee and spanked you?” he puts in helpfully.

I know my face is beetroot, the very memory of how he treated me that day, how I let him treat me, mortifying. After everything I’ve been through, that I could allow such a thing to happen to me… I stare into my coffee for a few moments, regrouping. But the words are not to be stopped. “Yes. That. I should never have let you do that. You had no right.”

“I don’t remember giving you much choice, to be fair.”

This snippet is from Book 1, Unsure. All three books in the series are available from Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.com  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance

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