#SaturdaySpanks … Rich Pickings

Sat Spanks logoHello and welcome back to another Saturday of delightful spankings. This weekend I’m sharing a snippet from Rich Pickings, the second instalment in Summer and Dan’s story, A Richness of Swallows. Rich Pickings was released just yesterday and should be appearing on Amazon anytime now.

Here are eight sentences (or thereabouts). Enjoy.

richpickings_800“Oh fuck, just the thought of spanking you has set me off. Get back over here. Fast.” He sits up suddenly, swinging around to put his feet on the floor. I know better than to hang about, I’m back by his side in a moment.

“Assume the position, girl.” He pats his knee, his gaze warm but stern.

His Dom attitude is emerging fast, and my inner submissive is suitably impressed. My pussy is clenching, moistening as I drop down to kneel at his feet. I look up at him, his beautiful dark brown eyes hot and sexy and absolutely uncompromising. This is happening, and it’s going to be good. Not punishment he said. So that leaves…

“Summer, do not keep me waiting.”

“No, Sir.” As if.

Both Rich Pickings and Rich Tapestry are available from Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.com  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance . The third book in the trilogy, Rich Promise, is available now on early download from Totally Bound so why wait?


Enough pimping. Now you need to hop on over to visit the other fabulous spanking authors sharing excerpts this week. To find them Click here

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