“My Favourite type of Dom” – FIVE Stars for Rich Pickings

I loved this Five Star review for Rich Pickings

Rich Pickings Out NowRich Pickings is the second book in Ashe Barker’s A Richness of Swallows series. I want to start out by saying that the title of this series was very intriguing to me, and sets this book apart from other D/s books out there. I was very curious about the series title and book title and when it was expressed in the book it made me smile. It’s so unique and really presents the story in just those few words.
Summer Jones is a very lovable character I must say. She’s hesitant but not against experiencing new things with Dan. As she little by little gets out of her own way, she finds the most passionate and mind blowing orgasms she’s ever experienced.
The reason I find Dan so fascinating yet beyond the norm is the fact that he is very much an easygoing Dom as he mentions in the book. I LOVED that. In the BDSM genre you often get very demanding and almost angry Dom characters in a book. It is also sometimes hard to determine where the dominance and the everyday life situations separate. Dan is very caring, always talking to his sub, always asking her how she feels, and that makes Dan the best type of Dom in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, Dan knows what he wants and when, but he makes it a lovely experience for both D/s. This is why we get to see Summer blossom in her career and personal life. She feels free and ready to experience anything with Dan.
I loved this book and I can’t wait to see how rich the swallows will be in the next one.

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