#MySexySaturday … Another sexy moment from Rich Pickings

My Sexy SaturdayWelcome back to the regular Saturday blog hop. My Sexy Saturday has gone all free form for week 63 so I’ve chosen seven paragraphs (plus one extra line) from my current release, Rich Pickings. Here, Dan is contemplating a little fun with peppermint oil.

richpickings_thumbnail“Excellent. Can you reach the dish? My hands are full.” He gives my toes an extra squeeze, at the same time nodding in the direction of the small porcelain saucer still sitting on the low table. I stretch out my hand and can just get my fingertips to it. “Dip your fingers in and spread a little on your lips, please.” I do as he asked, my mouth flattening as the sharp, cool sensation seeps across my lips. It’s a bit like holding a polo mint between my teeth. The super strength variety.

“How’s that?” Dan lifts one eyebrow, watching my reaction with interest. I run my tongue over my lips, which are just starting to throb. Or should that be tingle? The sensation is one of heat and coolness at the same time, a curious combination. I explore with my tongue again, my eyes locked on Dan’s dark gaze as the feeling intensifies, two extremes warring with each other on my lips.

“It’s, oh, wow! That feels strange.” No longer the cool polo mint, more the warm glow of aromatic spices. I rub my lips together, seeking friction, then lick them again. I can taste the mint on my tongue, but only faintly. The impact on my lips where I smeared the oil is building though, and I press my fingers to them, expecting to feel heat, or a chill. There’s neither, but I rub anyway, only to find the sensation strengthens.

“Is it uncomfortable?” Dan is still watching me carefully as he continues to massage my feet. I glance up at him, wondering where this is leading, though I have a good idea.

“I want to lick my lips. All the time.”

“Imagine how it will feel on your pussy. And your clit. You can’t lick those lips. At least, not for yourself. Or maybe we could try it on your nipples…?”

I was right. I suppose now the only question remaining is ‘when?’ I try for nonchalance, but privately I’m squirming at the prospect. My lips are throbbing now, the sensation not quite painful, but nowhere near comfortable either. The compulsion to rub, to lick, to stroke is becoming irresistible. “Well, I suppose you’d have to make yourself useful then…”

“Mmm, yes, I might. I’ll tie you up I think. Your legs spread wide. Now that I know you’re not allergic to the oil, and I’ve got the dilution about right, we can have some fun. Well, I can. I’ll be interested to know what you think. Afterwards. 

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Rich Pickings Out Now

I hope you enjoyed this snippet from book 2 in A Richness of Swallows. The third book in the series is available too, on early download from Totally Bound7f63fda6-46e2-40b7-b2e7-720edd9aa83a


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