Saturday Spankings

Sat Spanks logoI won’t be around next week so I apologise in advance for missing Saturday Spanks. I’ll be thinking of you all though as I curl up with my kindle in Turkey, and I’ll be back for Halloween.

This week I’m sharing one of my favourite and more edgy spanks. Usually in my stories the consent is clear – not so in this opening encounter between Tom and Ashley in Unsure, the first book in my Sure Mastery trilogy. Tom is spanking her in retaliation for an assault on him a year earlier, which she was involved in. He leaves her no choice, and she has no safe word.

Uh oh…

I’m counting the blows. Four, five, six. Despite my hope that I might weather this, endure whatever he has in store for me, I lose any semblance of dignity and control in the haze of humiliation. It’s starting to really hurt now, and despite my earlier bravado and the rubbish he spouted about my ‘inner submissive’ I’m finding I don’t like it one bit. I was determined not to give him the satisfaction of knowing he’s hurting me but I can’t bite back my yelps as the blows pile up. He holds me firmly in place as he continues to spank me. His rhythm is steady, inexorable. God, he knows what he’s about. This is surely not the first time he’s done this…

My squeals have subsided. The pain is sharp but bearable, though I flinch with every slap he lands. I know he said only ten, and we’re nearly at that, but what if he decides to continue anyway? I feel totally helpless, realising there’s nothing I can do, nothing I can say to make this stop.

If you’ve enjoyed this snippet and want to read more, the entire series is available from the usual places –  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance

Series banner

The Sure Mastery trilogy charts the sensual and emotional journey of petty thief turned photographer Ashley McAllister as she struggles to overcome personal tragedy, loss and grief to rebuild her life in the wild beauty of the West Yorkshire moorland.

Resilient and determined, independent and courageous, Ashley has no qualms about cutting her old ties and starting again. Intent on establishing her landscape photography business, she is horrified when her turbulent past comes crashing back to haunt her, threatening to overwhelm and destroy her fragile new beginning.

Ashley needs Tom to guard her secrets and allow her to stay. He just wants her. He wants her submission, her surrender, but he’s already destroyed her trust in him. Will his seductive charm and sure mastery be enough to rebuild her fragile faith? Can he teach her the difference between the violent abuse she’s experienced in the past and his much more exquisite approach to pain? And where does pain end and pleasure begin?

Tom guides her into his world of pleasure, desire, trust and reward. His gifts to her are beyond price, the rewards of submission. But will it be enough, and can the shadows of her dangerous and violent past be left behind them?

He’s hurt her once, and terrified her. He holds her future in his hands. Can she trust him with her body too?

Desperate to escape her past and start over, Ashley McAllister cuts her ties with her old life and heads for the wild landscape of West Yorkshire, the perfect place to reinvent herself. And her carefully laid plans are working, until she encounters her nemesis—the one man she’d hoped never to see again. Tom Shore, the man she and a gang of thugs attacked and robbed, and who swore he’d make her pay. He owns the cottage she now lives in and adores, and now he wants his pound of flesh. So he takes it.

Intimidated, beaten and dismayed by her sexy and dominant landlord, and totally confused by her intense physical response to him, Ashley needs Tom to guard her secrets. But will he, and his enigmatic and terrifying friend Nathan Darke, allow her to leave her past behind and start again? Having survived her first explosive and humiliating encounter with Tom, Ashley struggles to get her new life back on track. But Tom wants her. His demanding, persuasive, sensual charm is almost irresistible, his mastery of her assured.

But—can she submit to Tom’s dominance? Should she? Ashley has escaped one violent and abusive relationship. Is she about to be sucked into an even more dark and dangerous liaison?

I hope you enjoyed this brief snippet from Sure Mastery. Don’t rush off though without checking out the other fabulous authors sharing the spanking love this weekend. To find them

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