#SexySnippets – a little more from Rich Pickings

Sexy Snippets logoWelcome back to the regular Sunday blog hop, brought to you by The Nuthouse Scribblers. Each week authors of erotic romance share a short snippet from a published story or a work in progress. This week I’m picking up where last week’s excerpt left off, with another seven sentences from Rich Pickings.

And I feel free, supremely and brilliantly liberated as the waves of my orgasm cascade through my body. I’m clenching, shuddering in release, all the while silenced by the gag when I would have screamed my joy in this moment. Dan thrusts long and slow and deep, his strokes even as my body stretches to accept and glory in this intrusion. As the climax passes I let my weight rest entirely on the pillows under me; I feel light-headed, boneless, more than a little stunned at the intensity of the feeling.

Dan reaches down to hook his hands under my shoulders and pulls me up against his chest. Still sunk deep inside me, he eases me up to straddle his knees, holding me in place with one arm across my chest while he arranges my legs on either side of his. I’m opened, available, totally his to touch, to use, to fuck.

Rich Pickings Out Now

I hope you liked this little peep. Rich Pickings is the second book in the series, A Richness of Swallows.  You can get hold of it from Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.com  Totally Bound  Barnes and Noble  All Romance

7f63fda6-46e2-40b7-b2e7-720edd9aa83aThe third book, Rich Promise, is also available on early download from Totally Bound
Before you go, be sure to drop in on the other fabulous authors sharing sexy snippets this weekend. You’ll find them here

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