WIP It Up Wednesday – Rich Promise

WIPimage12[1]Steps into the light blinking…

Hey, I’m new here. Hello everyone.

This is my first time posting on WIP It Up Wednesday. Not sure where I’ve been all these weeks, but even if I’m a bit late to the party it’s great to be here now. For my debut post I thought I’d share something from Rich Promise, the final book in my current series A Richness of Swallows.

Rich Promise is on general release from 31 October, but you can get it now on early download from Totally Bound.

This excerpt is from the start of the book. Dan has just returned home unexpectedly and joined Summer in the shower.

“So, have you been good while I was gone?”

“Yes, Sir. I think so.”

“Pity. Still, I daresay I can come up with some reason to spank you.”

“Would you do it just because I asked you, Sir? I’d say please. I’ll kneel and everything.”

He chuckles, the sound low and sexy. My toes curl, and my pussy clenches around his still semi-erect cock.

“Oh yes, you’ll kneel for me, girl. And you’ll say please very nicely. And will you thank me too? Afterwards?”

“Of course, Sir. Would you like me on my knees now?” I nuzzle his shoulder, and I’m seriously considering licking his nipple. I wonder if it would have the same effect it has on me? One way to find out.

“What a tempting prospect, you slutty girl. And Christ, that feels good…” He shifts and flexes as I flick his hard, flat nipple with the tip of my tongue. My ministrations don’t entirely distract him though. “But no, not quite yet. First I’m going to wash your hair for you, and rub lather all over your gorgeous body. Then I’ll rinse you. And after that, you can go and kneel in the middle of that perfectly splendid bed of yours and wait for me there. You chose well, by the way, love. I like it.”

“Me too. Did you bring rope?” I do hope so. My pussy is already starting to respond to his wicked suggestions

“Of course. I said I would. Have I ever not delivered on a promise? Red silk rope, as agreed. And peppermint oil.”


“I think you mean, Oh, Sir…?”

“I do. I’m sorry, Sir. Will the oil sting?”

“Maybe a little.”

“Will I like it?”

He shrugs. “Perhaps. But you’ll like pleasing me, I think. And I’m going to love watching you wriggle around as I spread it on your clit.”

I glance up at him, in time to see his eyes narrow. He sucks in his breath on a mock sympathetic hiss and my pussy clenches again, this time in self-defence. Dan chuckles again.

“Keep on doing that, little slut, and we’ll never get out of here.” He lifts me from his cock, holding me until I lower my legs and get my balance again. “Now, stand still, and tilt your head back.”


I hope you liked this preview from Rich Promise. Don’t rush off without visiting the rest of the WIP It Up authors sharing sexy excerpts today. To find them, hop on the little froggy chap below

6 thoughts on “WIP It Up Wednesday – Rich Promise

  1. Oh… the peppermint oil has me all excited. Things are getting pretty hot in the shower. I wonder if the peppermint oil will cool her down in the bedroom.
    Welcome to #wipitup Ashe. It’s a treat and a pleasure to have you here.


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